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3 important skills that you need to know in cheerleading.

In technology, we have been working on our own tutorial from March.  My  tutorial is about  “3 important skills that you need to know in cheerleading.”  I hopre you enjoy it  😛                                                Reflection I…

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How do we improve

I think I need to improve on my flexibility because I am a cheerleader  and I have to be flexible. Also I need to improve on muscular Endurance because when I do cheerleading we need to jump for 3minuts do a head stands or a hand stands for 2-3 minute. Also body Composition, because if I get fat…

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See, Think and Wonder

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by ex_magician:            See: a sea, grass  a boy, rocks mountains  sun  light  a boy   wears blue t- shirt    blond hair. Think: I think he is 4 years old. Also I think he is looking for fish or a frog….

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