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3 important skills that you need to know in cheerleading.

In technology, we have been working on our own tutorial from March.  My  tutorial is about  “3 important skills that you need to know in cheerleading.”  I hopre you enjoy it  😛




I think my tutorial has a Title, Pace, List of materials, Length, Video Quality,  Voice, step by step, On topic, Intro & Outro Music, Slow or Fast Motion and  Strategies. 

For “Title”, my title is about 3 important skills that you need to know in cheerleading.”

For length, it’s Between 2 – 3 minutes

For List of materials, I said you need a ” wall”

For “Video Quality”, its not blurry

For Pace and Voice, I think I spoke clear, loud and energetic.

“On topic and  Intro & Outro Music, ” I was on Topic and I have into and outro music. 

 For “Slow or Fast Motion and  Strategies”, I showed fast motion and i showed strategies for example my last part ( roundoff into a cartwheel)  


For extending my thinking, I watched two people’s tutorial. They are  Emily’s blog and Ayaka’s blog. I learned a lot of things. I learned that making it simple makes people understand better, making the music catchy make the audience hook there attention,  I learned another type of shape of an ” S” ( Graffiti letters), and another way of making a mash potato’s.  Also I learned that, the words you use in the voice over, and how the tones goes of your voice, will change how the audience feelings.


My  challenging for my tutorial was PLANNING. My first topic was ” How to do a elevator stand into a pop”. I filmed it but I didn’t have time to film it again and again and my cheerleading lesson is on Friday and it was due next week so I couldn’t film it. Also if I’d have time to practice my stands and then film, I think it was better because we didn’t practice our stands when we filmed. So I changed my idea.  ( That was my challenging part)      Well my challenging part RIGHT NOW is that putting the picture next to each other. 

For example like this. This is Ayana’s blog. I am just using her as an example.  I wonder how she did this. Also I want to know how to put 2 text together like this picture. 


Finally,  First I thought that tutorial is not important to people and hard to MAKE. But right now, I think it is important to people because we can learn new stuff. AND still it  was hard to make ONE TUTORIAL but I REALLY ENJOYED MAKING ONE!!!!!!  I hope we can make another tutorial someday in technology CLASS! 

      Feel free to fill this in

How do we improve

I think I need to improve on my flexibility because I am a cheerleader  and I have to be flexible. Also I need to improve on muscular Endurance because when I do cheerleading we need to jump for 3minuts do a head stands or a hand stands for 2-3 minute. Also body Composition, because if I get fat then I can’t jump high, can’t be flexible and that means I also can’t do a hand stand for a long time.

This is what I need to improve in Fitness class ( P.E)

See, Think and Wonder

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by ex_magician: http://flickr.com/photos/ex_magician/2849410293/


  • a sea, grass 
  • a boy, rocks
  • mountains 
  • sun
  •  light 
  • a boy 
  •  wears blue t- shirt  
  •  blond hair.


I think he is 4 years old. Also I think he is looking for fish or a frog.


I wonder where is this place, how old is that young boy, did he come alone, is he lost, and  does he live near from here


Poor Boy, drinks dirty water to live