May 2013 archive

Singing In The Rain

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN the film ” Singing In the Rain” BEFORE? Well if you didn’t see it, You have too!  This is the film below ( Singing in the rain). It is performed by ” Gene Kelly”.   He is a famous dancer, actor and a singer.

~Props~ ~Rhythm~ ~Expression~ ~Moving through space~

He used a lot of props to express his feelings.  For example the first part he used the umbrella but he closed it and didn’t care about the rain or he enjoying the rain.  One of the most props that he used was a umbrella. He used it as a guitar, he was swinging around his umbrella and many things too.  I think he was in a happy mood because was skipping and walking in a fun way. He smiled every time and tapped danced. When he was dancing, he used the hole space including the roads. He didn’t care if he is wet. It was like freedom.       I thought the rhythm was not very slow and not very fast and it was good. Also, I think it matches the film. The pase was just right and he wasn’t walking slow or fast for the hole scene . He just walk slowly when it is a important part.


Movie Angle Shot!!

In English class, we are starting to learn how to use movie angle Shot. We talked about how images are  interpreted differently from words like in a manga.  Today in our small groups ( Ashley Loretta and me), we went to the roof.  We filmed three clips and each of them are  different shots. The angle shot that we were suppose to do was ” Low angle shot, High angle shot, long shot or wide angle, medium shot close up shot, point of view shot, bird’s eye view shot and over the shoulder  shot. And then we choose 3 pictures that I like.

This is Ashley and me and this is  our first photo that we took. It is a high angle shot.



This is a High shot. 


Finally, this is a bird’s eye view shot .


It was fun going to the roof at class time because if we sit in  class room all day talking about the angles, sometimes we have to try them and know what it is. So that’s why I liked it, we get to experiment all   types of angles. I learned that, they are lots of angle shot that we can use.  I didn’t know what was “bird’s eye view shot” means but when I tried it, a bird’s eye view shot is a cool angle shot.


Tokyo National Museum

On April 23rd, we went on a field trip to the Ueno Zoo and Tokyo National Museum. My friend Ashley and I we went to the Ueno zoo together because we live in Tokyo. We rode on the traincalled Yamanote line. But most of the people live far away from tokyo. They also went by train. They rode on the train from Ishikawachou Station.  First we went to the zoo then we went to the Tokyo National Museum. There were very close so we walked to the museum from the zoo.



I never went to this museum and I don’t go to these places.

At the museum, we had to choose 3 to 5 things. I chose 2 things because we didn’t have much time. One of them was called “Standing Fudo Myo-o” By Unkei, Kamakura period, dated 1186 (National Treasure, Ganjoju’in, Shizuoka). I choose this object  because it interested me how his hair shaped wired  and his face .