Tokyo National Museum

On April 23rd, we went on a field trip to the Ueno Zoo and Tokyo National Museum. My friend Ashley and I we went to the Ueno zoo together because we live in Tokyo. We rode on the traincalled Yamanote line. But most of the people live far away from tokyo. They also went by train. They rode on the train from Ishikawachou Station.  First we went to the zoo then we went to the Tokyo National Museum. There were very close so we walked to the museum from the zoo.



I never went to this museum and I don’t go to these places.

At the museum, we had to choose 3 to 5 things. I chose 2 things because we didn’t have much time. One of them was called “Standing Fudo Myo-o” By Unkei, Kamakura period, dated 1186 (National Treasure, Ganjoju’in, Shizuoka). I choose this object  because it interested me how his hair shaped wired  and his face .


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