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English: Book Journal “THE FAULT IN OUR STARS” :)

So far I didn’t really read that much after the post that I did for my first one. So im reading the book ” THE FAULT IN OUR STARS”. And I have fun reading this book :P.  So Hazle ( the main character in this story who has cancer) she wanted to a normal girl and she didn’t want to go to a supporting group. But she did because of her mother.  She met this CUTE guy in the supporting group name Augustus. When the other people were talking about there sickness, he was staring the whole time at Hazle. Why? because He used to have a ex girlfriend and  Hazle and his ex girlfriend looked alike.  They secretly liked each other ( they both don’t know that) , and one day, Augustus asked Hazle to go watch a movie together. ” Hazle’s first date I guess) :/ AND IM AT THE PART WHERE THEY ARE WATCHING A MOVIE TOGETHER!!! Awww,  AAAAAHHHH!!!  I predict that they are going  girlfriends and boyfriends and will they are watching they movie, I think there going to kiss each other 😛 <3   Im SO EXCITED TO READ WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!!

7A Boy Bands :)

We did a Venn Diagram in Math class and I did a topic called Boy Bands. I choose One Direction, The Wanted and Emblem 3.  IN our class most of the people choose THE WANTED!!! YEYYY!!! 😛

English- My book Journal

Right now in english class, we have time to read, and we are using a program called DEAR, ” DEAR” stands for~ Drop Everything And Read!  Some of the students don’t like to read and they don’t read at home. Well for me, I like to read when I find a really interesting book like ” Orchards” for example. But MOST about… 60% of the book that I bought was boring. And I stopped reading because I didn’t find  a good book.  Anyways, so I think it is great to have some times to read in english class because it will help us and it is better to read something than not reading it at home.                                             We have about 20 minutes to read and after that, we write it in our notebook or our blog what we read so far.

In English the book that I’m reading is called THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. I chose this book because most of my friends  were  reading this and they said it is a really nice story.  I didn’t read that much but when I read the first page I notices that this book is really sad because it talks about cancer and the girl, she’s a teenager, 18 years old and her name is Hazle. Late in the winter of her seventeenth year, she notice she had cancer. She rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in bed, read same book over and over and thinking about death. And also she attend a weekly Support Group. ( because her mom). After a few weeks, she grew to be rather kicking and screaming about the whole affair.  She just wants to be a normal teenager like buying  her a fake ID so that she can go to the the club and drinking vodka. But still she went to the Support Group.  That’s all I read so far 🙂