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Math – Casino day at school

Today, on October 15th we went to the auditorium room to the 8th grades Casino game for period 1 and 2. The  8th graders made  game for there assessment and the 6th graders and 7th graders needed to play there game. The teachers gave us 15 tokens per person to play the game. Our purpose was…

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Math- Dance class at YIS?

In math class we were working on venn diagram and set notation. My partner and I we made a video about dance class at YIS      

My Field Study

Few week ago,  7th graders went to Nagano for field Study and stayed at North Star. We went on September 30th until October 4th. It took 6 hours to get there. But still it was really FUN!  If someone tell me ” what was the most fun thing in Field Study”, I would say riding…

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