October 2013 archive

Math – Casino day at school

Today, on October 15th we went to the auditorium room to the 8th grades Casino game for period 1 and 2. The  8th graders made  game for there assessment and the 6th graders and 7th graders needed to play there game. The teachers gave us 15 tokens per person to play the game. Our purpose was to do the games and see which class had the most tokens left after the games. It will be counted by the average number for the tokens each person has. There were 6 classes and we were 3rd place! ” Not bad right” 🙂  SO… there were about 20 -25 games. For me I lost most of the game but still I got 15 tokens left  ;P Most of the game was similar to others but still the rule wasn’t same  so that was  good 🙂 Some were easy to win and some games were hard to win. Btw, I learned that when your playing or doing Casino don’t spent that much of your token because some games are not fair. Also if you spend your tokens in one place, you don’t get to play others and there might have high  possibility to win.




I had fun playing peoples games and some games were fair and some were not fair. The ones that I think that were fair was the one were you need to find the red card and if you find it you roll the dice. Then for example 5-7 they will give you 2 tokens if you had that number on your dice. I think that was fair.  Still you maybe DON’T get a red card because its 50%/50% but its a possibility that you can get 1 token because when you roll the dice there weren’t any numbers that they won’t give the tokens to you, so any number that you get you can have 1 token or more. So for this possibility I think its 75%.  I think the ones that were not fair was the colour candy game or the ones that you need to pick 3 cards and the 3 cards need to be the same number. I think that one is not fair because most of the people got 2 same cards but the other one the was not. Also 2 of then had the same color and same number but the other wasn’t s so I think the possibility of that game is  lower than 50%. Maybe if the rules were getting 2 same number cards the possibility will be higher.


                                        Some of the pictures that I played

My Field Study

Few week ago,  7th graders went to Nagano for field Study and stayed at North Star. We went on September 30th until October 4th. It took 6 hours to get there. But still it was really FUN!  If someone tell me ” what was the most fun thing in Field Study”, I would say riding on the bus because you get to talk to people ( friends) playing Truth or Dare XD and playing cards. Also you get to know them better even though your in the same class! That’s the one thing I LOVE  about Field Study 🙂


                                                                      Grade 7 


This year in field study we were pared up with groups and we needed to work together. There were 4 different groups. I was in  group 1 but our group name was meatballs. We did lots of bonding activities like mountain biking, soba making and others. But this helped us working as a community, listening to others and sharing Ideas to your team mates. I think, this years point of  field study was working as a community more or working with people that you don’t really talk too ( new people). Also I think challenges, solving problems and communicating each other.  This relates to what we did in field study for example hiking. Last year when we hiked we went all together lining up. So we just needed to follow the teacher or people that is in front of you but this year we were pared up in a small groups with no teachers, and in one group there are about 6 or 5 people. This relates because in this small groups we need to communicate each other like “lets go that way” and we need to think of each other and solving problems together. If one person is slow at walking then your group needs to wait for you or one person is fast at walking you need to catch up or say ” slow down.”

I had a great time in North star and I made good memorise with most of the 7th graders. I had fun working with my groups and I think 7th grade got a little closer together like we are a big family. I got to know more about my friends and I think we did really good at working as a community.