November 2013 archive

Koto Video

This is my Koto video!! I think I tried my best but not that much.. I think I can do well better than this but I the thing I like about my video was I wasn’t rushing and I had the rhythm to the song I think… In some parts I was clicking my picks together, and  touching the strings before I play.    I think that is the thing I need to improve on 🙂

7A Drama: Group Mime (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I think I did good because I show I was really sick and not feel. Also I didn’t laugh but my group did a little.  I think we didn’t use that much space but we didn’t block the audience. Also when I was dead, they were all not in the level. Like they all  are not sitting down together or standing. I guess we had Good balance on how we stand.

Silent Movie Analysis

This few weeks in drama class we talked about analysing body postures and suff.  This is an short clip from a silent film, Neighbours, starring the famous comic actor – Buster Keaton. Buster plays a young man who lives in a tenement building, that is a large old apartment complex – usually
in a poor neighbourhood.


Topic  Analysis 
Identify the major Action/Gestures  Kissing the paper, running away from the dad
Identify the major Facial Expressions  Happy, Surprised, Scared and sad
Identify the major Postures  Standing there moving her leg like that she looks nervous and having her head bent because she’s looking down at the ground 
Create a Background Story based on the scene   THis is kind of similar to Romeo and Juliet. But there not rich and they don’t live in a palace. THe background story for this is, they guy and the women really likes each other but their parents won’t allow to like each other I guess.
What actions, gestures or facial expressions could you use in your mime and why?   I should use sad, scary and happy facial expression for my mime because they all related to our group mime. Happy because I came back to life, Sad when my mom needed to leave the room. Scared, when I needed to take the medicine and the shot.




7th grade art – Illustrated Journal

In Art class, we have been working on our visual journals. We worked on it during Field Studies and some classes before and  after. I write journals sometimes, but I never made a visual journal before so it was really fun designing and putting pictures on it. I think making a visual journal for field study was quit smart because sometimes you forget the fun memorise  you had and in your own journal you can show how fun it was! Also you get to go back and look at it. If there’s drawing and if its creative you like to go back again and I think its fun when it has  photo’s on it because pictures shows more details than just writing it 🙂

Before we got our journals, we first learned what a visual journal is, and what we need to do. We looked at  books and people’s examples and talked about What makes a great journal. I think a great journal need to have Picture’s, colour, not to much words, creative and some others. Then we experiment mediums. In Field Study, we worked on it each day. I worked on my visual journal at the end of the day or when we have free time  in our room with my friends, and  shared our mediums (materials) with each other. Whenever I couldn’t remember what we did that day, my friends helped me or I look at my photo’s that I took on that day.  I was able to work on my journal everyday and it helped me remember what we did when I got back. Because of the journal, I was able to tell it was an AWESOME field study and what we did each day to my parents.

In my visual journal, I tried use different colours to express my feeling 🙂 Everyday was a great day so I used lots of yellow and other bright colours but some of the activities we did there was challenging like mountain biking so I didn’t use that much of a bright colour. I used the colour light blue/ blue a lot  for example when we all watched the movie Coraline. I used light blue for the background because it was calm and relaxing. Also some parts were sad and other part was scary too. On the other hand I used water colour pencil when I want to make my background light or when I’m colouring the sky. I learned that normal pens would smear when we use water colour pencil so we should use a sharpie. Also I learned that making a journal helps me remember a lot of things and some times it hooks your attention and you want to look at it again 😀  It can also become a memory.



Next time when I make another journal, I will NEVER EVER~ use normal marker, I will use a sharpie so that It won’t mess the work up. Also I would like to stick flowers and leaves in my journal.

I really hope we can do this again but not in a assessment 😛