December 2013 archive

Reflection on Park Illustration

In this few weeks we worked on our drawings. We went to a park and  we sketched our first draft, I drew a flower and other stuff. Then in our next class we went to the part again which I drew a different thing.  I drew a fountain ( that was our final draft) After that we colour in our drawing. Before that  we learned 10 skills of water colour paints. For example, salt which is a skill that you put the salt in wet paint and you dry it at the same time. Im not really good at art but I think I did good on this one. I showed it was a beautiful day. 

I used  the skill of Salt for the sky because I was thinking that it would be cool that the clouds are salt that just drawing the clouds. I used the stamps to make my artwork more interesting and I think my artwork is relax and calm. I used lots of green and blue colour because I wanted my artwork to be relax and it it also a nature colour. I used light blue because if the park is quiet and if you are relax then its like heaven. So I used light blue/blue to symbolized heaven.

2. Describe how you used feedback to improve your artwork. Include specific advice and specific examples of how you made improvements.

Well one of my comments were… its not really original. Maybe because it wasn’t finish or I didn’t have that much colour. I think my is original. I didn’t have the picture with me when I painted this so some parts, I used my emotions by colour.

3. If you were going to do this work again, what would you do differently and why? Thoroughly explain how these changes would improve your final work.

Most of the colours are not water paint so if I had time then I wanted to work on the techniques of water paint and also I wanted to finish my work a little bit more.

Reflection on my Digital Story

In technology class in  this few month, we worked/made our own Digital story.  If you want to look at my digital story,→ please click her  Hope you will enjoy it :).  Our unit question was  ”How can we use media to communicate our stories?”  I think we can  use social media sites like face book, Instagram, tumbler, twitter, Face time and like Email. 


Reflect on how well your digital story met the essential and desirable specifications you wrote for yourself when you did the peer assessment compared to how well you met these goals after the video was complete. 

My Essential was ↓                  

. It must  have 2 min to 6 min ish

. School Appropriate/ Age 

. .it must to be cool and catch peoples attention

. It must have an hook Introduction   

And my desirable was 

.I’d like my Video to have my cheerleading group and doing skills  together  

.I’d like my video to be Interesting and fun to watch

. I’d like  my  video to have tumbling/ back handspring/ and other  cool skills

. I’d like my video to be nice   

My friends gave me feed back and that is

Sophie- I think your story is very clear so people like to see it. Also as I said everyone will like it “I” think!!!!:):)

Loretta – I think that this is planned really well and you have written down in your storyboard about what you want to do or something from how you are going to do this. 

Emily- I think your video has good videos on your cheerleading, and good pics on your ballet. However, I think it will be better if you have pictures of you doing hiphop or jazz dancing. Also, you should make your voice louder or make the audio of the video lower.   

Aisling- I think that your video is very good and is interesting to watch! it certainly has alot of you and your group members doing cheerleading skills! but maybe the video of the cheerleaders is a bit too long and made it slimly boring to watch… no offence.. but a little so maybe you could shorten the video amount. 🙂 but otherwise its all good and you reached all desirable yay  

When Aisling told me about it was kind of boring at the end, I cut  some place which it was my Asia Competition. First I had 6min for my video but  when when I cut the place that was boring it turned out really good. My video was about 4:20min 😀  

Then I showed the new version on my Video Amane said ↓

Amane-  I’d like my Video to have my cheerleading group and doing skills  together

> I don’t really need to comment on this since you did have them included in the video
I’d like my video to be Interesting and fun to watch 
>For me it was really interesting because I didn’t really know about cheerleading. But maybe from around 2:40 (the cheerleading video) to the end it might have been too long. I’d like  my  video to have tumbling/ back handspring/ and other  cool skills
>Yah it was really cool 🙂 (sorry I didn’t really know what to comment because you had them)
 I’d like my video to be nice   
> I think your video was great!! I love it <3  
2. Reflect on your work during each part of the design cycle and explain areas for improvement with excellent detail and supporting examples. 
First we Investigate what is Digital story, “How can we use media to communicate our stories?” ( which I talked at the first paragraph) Key Features to Story-Telling and we also looked at peoples story.  Key Features to Story-Telling:  I think the story has to be detail, it has to have Emotional, funny interesting and  Characters, Manipulation, not to  detail, it cant be boring and it has to have a solution and a problem.
After that, we looked at 3-4 digital stories  My favorite one was  “The Best Artist Ever“. I liked it because its funny and I liked how they talked.
Then we chose our topic which my topic was “History of my dance”.   I talked about my ballet class, Jazz, Hiphop class and my cheerleading class. 
I used Garageband to cut some part for my music. Also I used I movie to put some effects to my video and record my voice.  
For plan, we worked on our storyboard and out timeline. The plan was the hardest to me because In that time, I didn’t really have an Idea that clearly. so it was hard to make my storyboard.  My Digital story and my storyboard didn’t seem the same.. but It turned out really good ;D Also I didn’t really know how to make my own timeline because it was my first time to make one. 
Create: Create was my favorite part. It took really long to put effects and cutting music and stuff. Still it was fun. We had about 4week or more I think ti work on. For me, I wanted to have more time to work on it but to bad I guess. 😛 If I had time, I wanted to film on my tumbling  myself and stands. 

Evaluate:  Time to do our reflection!! We finished our reflection in one day. I think I did really  GOOD and Im proud of my self  because I wrote a lot and I told my audiences that this semester in technology class was really fun


This was a really fun semester 🙂 I hope we can make the second semester will be more awesome too 🙂