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Relationship between text and the real world☮

In Grade 7 English we have just read Journey to Jo’burg, by Beverly Naidoo. Before reading the novel I researched and wrote a magazine article on  Nelson Mandela . We are exploring the relationships between texts and the real world and we found many connections between Journey to Jo’burg and the real world during Apartheid.    If you want to know about the content Journey to Jo’burg, go to this  ☞ Link 


During that time ( Apartheid)  there was lots of rules about blacks and whites. During that time whites and blacks were discrimination. Some examples are, they were not allow to sit together or get on the bus. They have the bus for whites and  blacks. Another example is, they had a school for only blacks and whites. The whites always get good stuff like house and good food. They get/ have  lots of money and they can have good jobs more than the blacks.  The blacks need money so even if the jobs is  dangerous they do the job.                      Also at that time people ( whites vs blacks)   were killing each other, bleeding and falling down. Most of the black people were injured or hurt.

I had a great time reading this book 😀  and I learned a lot of apartheid during that time.