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Speech reflection

In Drama class, we worked on our speech. There’s  4 topics that you can choose from which was, Awesome/ Best day, Holiday, If I was famous and Fashion. I picked Holiday and I talked about my cheerleading competition in Paris 😛

In my speech I had  modulation like… I  think my volume was okay because In some part, I talked loud and in the other, I didn’t 😛  I also think my pace of speaking was just right and  I paused when I needed to. I used  gesture and  facial expression when I was talking about the trophy and the place where I had good time in paris. I think It was good when  I smiled a little in my video because if I didn’t smile in my video, I couldn’t express my self how much I had Fun in paris and it’s quit wired and boring if you don’t smile. I think I used my  palm card well because my  palm card wasn’t that big and I think it was about the right size, BUT… I think I looked at my palm card  a lot more than looking at the camera and the audience so I think I should improve that. What I liked about my speech was I used gesture when I talked about my trophy.

I hope you will enjoy looking and listening my video 🙂

7A Drama: Informative Speech02 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


This is my friend Emily, and she also talked about her holiday to Arizona <3

In her speech her  modulation like volume was great. I can hear her clearly but sometimes it seems like she is rushing her speech.  She didn’t use gestures and  facial expression  too. I liked her speech but I couldn’t see how she had fun in Arizona. Most of the time she looked at her palm cards. Even if she look at the camera, its just 2 seconds or so. I LIKED her video because she talked about Arizona  is also popular in America which i didn’t even know that. Also I liked how she talked about when she watched a baseball game and they where cheering and they wanted to go on the big screen 🙂  I think she should improve on her tone because her voice is like… the same ad also her pase when she speaks.

Emily’s Speech

7A Drama: Informative Speech05 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

ちゅちゅ: Koto Home work

This is my video that I record myself playing the song Chu – Chu from page 3 line 4 to page 5 line 1  measure 3 🙂 I think I did pretty good on this song  like, first it goes soft and goes louder and louder 🙂 But in some part you can’t really hear my koto playing so maybe I should improve where I can’t hear my koto.