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Adventure to Jo’Burg

In this Few month in english class, we talked about “Africa”  We watched Invictus, talked about Apartheid ( also made a poster) and we read a book called ” “Journey to Jo’Burg” If you want to know or read the story of “Journey to Jo’Burg”  Please click here.

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In this Unit, our question was ” What is the relationship between text and the real world.” I used to think,  In real life you can’t change whats going on but in the text you can lie and sometimes text gives the wrong information. In real life, you already saw what happened and you won’t be able to change the past.

After that we talked about “Africa” like If you think about Africa, What  things pops out of your mind first?  For example colours, the symbol and images?  For the colour, I choose orang red and brown because it’s hot in African and also some times its dangerous in Africa which represent the colour of red 🙂  I chose the symbol of a print of an animal because there’s lots of animals there 🙂  After that we needed to make a poster about your topic which you can choose form  Nelson Mandela, Soweto uprising and Apartheid, and I choose  Nelson Mandela 😛  See my poster      nelson-mandelaWhen we first made the poster, we first drafted    how your posters gonna look like.   First I didn’t even know he went to jail a lot and how  he helped his country ” South Africa”.  But I  knew he was the president of   SouthAfrica.  SO I researched about him, and I learned lots of things about his life style and how he    lived in jail.  After when we finished the poster, we went in small groups and share your  posters to them, and they will give you feedback 🙂                                                                                          Then, we watched the the movie  Invictus:)  If you want to see or know the story of Invictus    click here

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Then, I said before, we read the book called Journey to Jo’Burg . The main characters in this book are, Tiro a 9 year old boy, Dineo and baby sister of Tiro and Naledi, Naledi is a older sister of Tiro and Dineo. After reading the book, we played a game called hot seat. There is one chair in the middle of the room and the one that is sitting on the middle chair needs to answer the question. Some people  make 6 question from the book .   Finally but not least, we drew a picture of what was happening in book of page 60. Finally our last assessment was to write a more dramatic and detail story of “time of fire.” Click here if you want to see mine 😀

This is what we did in english class and I think we all worked so hard to finish this blog post and of course  we worked hard to finish all of our assessments.