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I surveyed 20 people and  my question is:

How many electronics devices do you own? ( School I pad mimi doesn’t count but the computer counts)



Big number: 14  Small number: 2

Range: 12


Sum of Values = 120     Number of Values = 6          Mean: 6

Median:  4 and 5 = 9 / 2 = 4.5

Mode : 3 and 4 as they occur 4 times



Fair Game: Grade 7 technology




During this few month, we worked on making a theme-park in mincraft.We work this in groups and my group was Sophie, Deven, Loretta and me.  In every group, we have a leader, peacemaker, follower and a creative person, and I was the peacemaker. There are many types of theme but our theme was the radioactive and our group name was radioactive unicorns 🙂 We worked on 4 stages of the criteria A B C D.

In the investigation part, in our group we talked about What is collaboration and Corporation and we researched about minecraft. After that we planed who is making what. I made a merry go round. We also talked about who is our target audience. Our target audience are teen boys ( 13- 15)  and brave girls. We also talked about State what the problem to be solved, we also worked on our Design Specifications.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.41.44 AM


I think we met our Design Specifications  because 97% of our park is filled with green and yellow except the haunted house and the theme looks creepy. I think our ride is fun to go on especially the lava ride 😉

These are the feed bacack from ( 13-16)

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.53.17 AM



Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.53.23 AM





Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.52.56 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.52.41 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.53.07 AM



For the Design, we plan what our theme looks like. We made 3 plans together as a group and we picked the first plan. We labeled  what color should  the ground be  and also the bathrooms and the benches. Also we made our step by step how to make our own ride. We also talked about our pros and cons:

Design 1


  • It’s simple and easy to make

  • colors match well

  • The layout of the attractions are better for advertisement.

  • The entrance matches the theme and catches peoples’ eyes.

  • It matches the target audience


  • It’s big and will take some time.

  •  The entrance for the lava coaster is far at the back of the park.




Our 1st design

Our 1st design






2nd plan

2nd plan 


  •     Shape is cool

  • It is organised

  • More than one entrance



  •           It is hard to make

  •       It takes time to make one

  •               You can’t see the restaurant sigh because it’s at the top

  • the last one

    the last one


    • It’s the real simple to make, the simplest therefore it’s easy to make

    • The lava ride is really long and the most detailed

    • The entrance is easy to make


  • The floor isn’t colored so it won’t match the theme of the park.
  • The main and biggest ride is in the front, which causes people to stay in the front and not do the other rides.

The rides are really far apart, which makes it inconvenient for the customers.

Why we picked design 1


Our rides make it exciting for the teenagers, but the rides are the same for the others so they are tied.

The colors from design 1 match the theme very well but it matches it as well as the other parks.However, the ground will be black unlike the others and that will be the best.

Design 1 is the best choice for flow because the biggest ride and most famous ride is at the back, causing the teens to walk to the back first, and that will mean that they will see the others rides as they pass by, which means they will do those rides also. The bathrooms are placed behind the restaurant, in the middle of the park and right between the haunted house and lava coaster. The middle of the park location is a place where a lot of people will pass, and the lava ride and haunted house location will have a lot of people there since they are the most famous rides and the restaurant location will sell refreshments so then they will need the bathroom.


Then we started making our theme park. I started off by making a fence 10 by 10 (I followed my step by step plan.  1- 3)  Then I made fence and the rail more big and added torches.  (Deven helped me make the lever,Step 6) Me and sophie destroyed most of the merry go around and made a new one that has under ground rail, a zig zag rails, put zombies, Lava.       Deven told it was like a roller coaster and it didn’t turn out like the plan so it changed to

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.18.29 AM


I feel proud and happy that Im in this group and finished the theme park really cool. I really like this group because we all shared ideas and we finish the work fast then the others. We all helped each other to make a great theme park  and we all gave  feedback. I think this group is the best group I ever had!! We didn’t have any arguments, we all played our role ( peacemaker)  Our group didn’t have any fight or we all agreed in our ideas so I guess i wasn’t really contribute in my role but sometimes we have lots of ideas  so I pick  good ideas and stuff but I helped Sophie ( creator).  In this group I learned a lot about myself. I notice that I can be a creator or a leader 🙂        ( depends in groups) but I think I will do great if I was a leader next time for another kind of subject. Also I learned that I  do good with smaller groups (y) Maybe next time, we should help people if they are working for 3 rides because thats not fair.

In conclusion, i didn’t know that much about minecraft and how it works. Im glad that I was in this group ( LSSD) WE ARE AWESOME~ <3