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♛Semester 2 reflection – Math yo♛

I’m in 7A and in my class theres 16 students 🙂  10 girls◕‿◕  & 6 weird  boys. Our teacher is Mr. Fedley and HE IS AN AWESOME TEACHER I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. He is a math teacher and he teach the students really good and I think he is really nice but sometimes…

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Science fair Reflection

In this few weeks, we had our science fair and my partner was Kaori 🙂 Our experiment was Dry ice bubble. I think our question was hard to think because we failed on our first experiment and we tried doing another experiment. I think the documentation was helpful because at the end it you had…

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DIY Program 2K14

In Drama class we made our own DIY program with a partner, and my partner was Aisling. Our DIY is about How to make Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappuccino. I think that our DIY was good for children the age of 10 -14 and teens, we talked in a good language ( not to simple not to…

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Koto reflection

1. Preparation – practice at home and out of class – what worked for you? what didn’t? I practice at  home & before school with my friends. I think  working together with some people are easy and good for practice for me because you can tell that where you should work on and you can…

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