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♛Semester 2 reflection – Math yo♛

I’m in 7A and in my class theres 16 students 🙂  10 girls◕‿◕  & 6 weird  boys. Our teacher is Mr. Fedley and HE IS AN AWESOME TEACHER I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. He is a math teacher and he teach the students really good and I think he is really nice but sometimes he’s sarcastic ✌ lol Anyways, he really cares about his students

In this semester we did Percentages, ratios,algebra, statistic

This year I think the easiest one was percentage because I learned some in 6th grade and zI think I got good grade in percentage.

I think the hardest part this year was learning algebra because im  just not good at it 😛 It was hard to learn but I learned a lot.  So next year I really want to focus on Algebra.

I think this math class was awesome and I was happy that the teacher was Mr.Fedley. 🙂


Science fair Reflection

In this few weeks, we had our science fair and my partner was Kaori 🙂 Our experiment was Dry ice bubble.

I think our question was hard to think because we failed on our first experiment and we tried doing another experiment. I think the documentation was helpful because at the end it you had the document you didn’t have to make a script 🙂 you just print out the document and read the script for the science fair.  I think  we did well on working together as a team because we worked on different questions and I think that made our document finished.  Next time maybe we should think more about what experiment we are going to do because it will take time testing and then if it fail then you need to think about another one.  In concision   I think having mistake is a good thing when your experimenting because you can learn some stuff and you can make a long conclusion and hat we should we improve next time

DIY Program 2K14

In Drama class we made our own DIY program with a partner, and my partner was Aisling. Our DIY is about How to make Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappuccino. I think that our DIY was good for children the age of 10 -14 and teens, we talked in a good language ( not to simple not to difficult) I think our voice was clear and loud and I think our demonstrations were easy to understand, so kids and teens could understand completely.

Next time I think we can improve on organising our stuff because our ingredients are everywhere and its not organised also we needed to each out the equipment so next time we should put things in the place that is easier to reach and put them in order. Also when when we put foods in the blender we should talk or sing together because it would be boring if they just look at us putting ingredients in on the other hand it will be awkward… and its going to be silent so… yea.  I like the part where WE DID THE BLENDING DANCE even though it was short but still I think it made it interesting. I think our voice were  clear and loud, i think that made the audience easier to listen, our body language was casual and so it was more normal. Even though we laughed a lot, but i think in this case laughing is okay because it will be weird if we don’t smile to audience I think they wont be happy and uncountable.    The things I did well on this DIY is smiling at them ( thats me) 😉 and talking loud and clear and using some hand language 🙂

Cotton Candy Frap DIY

7A Drama: DIY Programs8 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think this group also did really good because they really explained it really clear and specifically. Also they explained  not to fast and not to slow and they had lots tones of voice and that made me interesting to there DIY

7A Drama: DIY Programs3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Koto reflection

1. Preparation – practice at home and out of class – what worked for you? what didn’t?
I practice at  home & before school with my friends. I think  working together with some people are easy and good for practice for me because you can tell that where you should work on and you can listen to koto 2 then doing it your self. Some times it is also hard to work together as a big  group too because you chat a lot and you can’t work on it .
2. Class time – playing/practicing as an ensemble – what have you learned about this? What changes can be made for the future?
Next time I should prepare ( memorize) my music fast people you will get panic  If you memorize the piece like near the performance day.
3. The actual performance – Rate your performance and relate something that you gained that you think you will be able to use in future performances / presentations.
I think I did well because even tho my picks got stuck, I stilled play but its air koto 😛 Also O didn’t really mistake that much so I was happy and I listened to people and I think we all did really good listening  to people at the performance more than when we were practicing.