September 2014 archive

Buddhism :)

Last week on September 24, at the last 2 periods all the 8th graders,  we went to the auditorium to learn about Buddhism. There was one guy who was talking about Buddhism and I didn’t know that he used/ graduated from YIS.

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  • What did you learn during the day?

I learned the meditation can get all your stress out ( for me ) When I did the mandating I was relaxed and when it finished I felt comfortable and i felt like my feeling was light.

  • What did you enjoy or find difficult?

to be honest I think meditation and sutra was my favorite in that time. I couldn’t trace the kanji’s neatly( I had trouble beacuse of my brush) but it was really really fun.

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  • What was the purpose of the meditation and the sutra copying? How did you find the experience.

I think meditation was for you should be relax and i think it tells us we are living and we have freedom.  Sutra was kinda hard because we used black ink and we traced it   and you need be relaxed and not be impatient   because if you are, you get frustrated and you can not trace really nicely.

  • What impact does Buddhism have on our lives and the lives of people who live in Japan?

Buddhism  is a very nice religion and it can make people relax and calm down and maybe thats why Japan is really nice to people and they also care. I think meditation impacts  Buddhism  life because ,meditating people are relaxing. They feel calm,not thinking about problems or troubles in the world.They are completely free of negative feelings like jealousy,anger or fear.

Rhenium poster Reflection ☻

In this few weeks, we learned about different types elements/metas and our science teacher gave us one topic about one of the elements and mine was “Rhenium”. We were suppose to make a poster about Rhenium and talk about it like… Rhenium is a silver white metallic luster.  We use it for Filaments, iron gases and we mostly use it for alloying agents in  tungsten.

I learned that Rhenium is a  is a silver white metallic luster because i didn’t even know the element was. Also it can it doesn’t destroy the environment.

The things that I can improve is using “easy bitly” because I just copy and pastes the URL not the real sources.  If I put the real URL I think I got a better grade or one more higher grade than now.


What does stereotype mean?

.Stereotype means to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same. To make it simple you can not judge by just looking at something like.. what people think of culture, person, place or thing people like.  For example, you can not Stereotype a whole group of people based on one person you don’t like.

When are stereotypes useful?

Sometimes it is useful but sometimes it not. People think differently so people have different stereotypes. Well stereotype is useful in drama class because you can develop the character that you act and also it is useful when we play improvisation game.


Can you judge a book by it’s cover?

I actually learned a lesson by just looking at the cover book and bought one. You should really not judge a book by its cover because even the the cover looks good maybe the story is bad so first you should read the back, then just looking at the cover and buy one.  ( hahaah)  In real life, try not to judge people by there looks or what they think because people was different fashion, personality and what people think is different. Try to meet them and get to know them before you judge.