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Buddhism :)

Last week on September 24, at the last 2 periods all the 8th graders,  we went to the auditorium to learn about Buddhism. There was one guy who was talking about Buddhism and I didn’t know that he used/ graduated from YIS.   What did you learn during the day? I learned the meditation can get all your…

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This is my link to the article Science #2

Rhenium poster Reflection ☻

In this few weeks, we learned about different types elements/metas and our science teacher gave us one topic about one of the elements and mine was “Rhenium”. We were suppose to make a poster about Rhenium and talk about it like… Rhenium is a silver white metallic luster.  We use it for Filaments, iron gases and we…

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What does stereotype mean? .Stereotype means to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same. To make it simple you can not judge by just looking at something like.. what people think of culture, person, place or thing people like.  For example, you can not Stereotype a whole group of people based…

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