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Koto Homework 5

next time I should improve playing this part more strongly because some places its kinda soft because my finger hurts XD So I think my 4th finger should be stronger to play this part more loud.

koto homework 4

I think this part is なめらかand I played really well. I like this part the best because I like the beat and they rhythm 🙂 Next time I can improve by adding like someplace will be soft and some part playing loudly. ( conjunct?)

Koto home work 3

I think this is the hardest part because you repeat this a lot and sometimes I get confused 😛 I also mistake the notes because I get confused but i think In this video I played really well even though I scurried up

Koto homework 2

Koto homework 2 I think I played pretty well but I think Im kinda slow playing this part so I should practice more fast . I think if I practice more theres going to be a better sound and more なめらか。

Koto homework

I think I need to work more on this part because I kinda keep on playing the wrong sound. I also think I should improve this place because when I play I can here the clicking sound and I think it is bad… もうすくconcert だから頑張る!

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