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Winter Koto Concert Reflection

Im semester one in koto class, we worked on a music piece called “Yumenowa” We  had a winter koto concert on 10th of December. We all did well preforming together as a group and personally, I think this ( the performance ) was the 一番よった because we were all together and listening to each other….

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Comparing Poetry and Ads

In this few weeks in english class, we’ve been learning about how language and visual language persuade people. We are also looking at different types of poem, how poems evokes feeling and how the author use technique. Poem is a piece of writing that express feelings and ideas. Poetry is more of a text than visual language….

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Practice before the performance

This time i didm’t use the record that our teacher gave us because this part everyone was also ばらばら and汚い. I think Im okay with this section but I should play my left hand more stronger during the performance. Overall, I am excited about the performance this week and I will show how much we…

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Koto Homework

I think I should practice more of the last bit because I kind of struggled and by listening to the record that our teacher gave us was kind of hard to listen while i am playing the section that I need to practice. To be honest by listening to record that our teacher gave us…..

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Koto homework before the performance

I think in this section, I’m doing pretty good but sometimes my tumei slips so I get the wrong tune sometimes. In this section I was trying to make the sukui part more softly and even. On the other hand I was trying to make a clear sound. When I listened to it.. some parts…

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