March 2015 archive

Traveling today

In this few month, our unit was about velocity and speed. We looked at different graph and consider which part was going up or down ( the speed going fast or slow) We paired up and did a project about how long does it take from here to there at the playground ( we measured our speed of distance)  Now days there a lot of transport to travel for example car, train or plane to go to different places. Out of all of them,  when you want to travel  you have to consider how long it’s going to take you to arrive to your destination and plan out your things carefully. For example, when I travel somewhere I look at different websites and see which train I should go on because it will tell me the coast and how long does it take. I will go on the train that doesn’t coast money that much and a fast time to get to my destination.



Drama Reflection

Clip #31 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In these few weeks, we worked on persuading people by our speeches. My topic was about why Tokyo is the best place to visit.

I came late to class  when we had to do this, and I didn’t have enough time to prepare myself, but I think I did pretty well. Before doing the speech, I was nervous and my hands were shaking but while I was doing the speech I didn’t feel anything. I was happy and enthusiastic. The thinks I did well was using hand gestures when it is necessary and I had eye contact with people.  Also, I think I was enthusiastic and in my opinion I had a tone of voice which makes the audience not fall asleep. Next time I would improve by having more confidence in my speech and not struggling. On the other hand, I will try not to smile that much and I think I looked at the cards through the speech.  I can use persuasive speech in my life now in different classes. We can make people convince them by using the techniques we used in drama class. We can also use this in the future if we are doing a presentation or when we have a argument. You need evidence and  reasons why you answer is correct which I can also use persuasive speech to tell people why my answer is right or wrong. To write a speech first, you need to know what you will talk about and understand your topic well for example your find a subject which you are passionate about because your audience doesn’t  want to hear a speech about something that you don’t  care about.  You also want to know who your audience and target is because the language will change to more polite way.  To prepare your speech just know what you want to talk about and tell strongly what your topic is about and why it is important or why you think that etc. Practice a lot my looking in the mirror or ask people to listen your speech and they will give you give you feedback. Persuasive speech is useful because we can persuade people why our strong speech and they might actually think the same way.  To present your speech well is  important because you can’t persuade people if we don’t talk clearly or say something wrong. You might lose a job or something or the project. You could also lose audiences attention.

In conclusion, I learned how to make a effective speech structure and it was fun listening to people’s speech because everyone has different opinions and how they speak.