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Infomercials The PPGP – Me and Ayano

We had been talking about persuasive speech and talked about ‘snar’ and ‘purr’ words, depending on how you want/to tell  the audience to feel about the product.‘Purr’  words are positive and words that sound pleasing.  ‘Snar’ words is a negative way to describe your advertisement. My partner Ayano, We advertised The glow pet. What are your…

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♢Reflection of Go away ♢

In music class, we worked on making a pop song into small groups. I was with Amane and Lisa. We all had a role and I worked on making the lyrics and the melody. Amane worked on writing the chords and a Piano person. Lisa helped me with writing the lyrics and the structure. First…

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Learnd about the world XD

During this few month in Humanities, we started learning about globalization around the world first and then focused on Motomachi / Yokohama because that is where our school is.  For this project we explaining how globalization affects us in Yokohama. First we researched about history of Yokohama, with emphasis on The Bluff/Motomachi/Chinatown. Then, we  annotate The…

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