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Infomercials The PPGP – Me and Ayano

We had been talking about persuasive speech and talked about ‘snar’ and ‘purr’ words, depending on how you want/to tell  the audience to feel about the product.‘Purr’  words are positive and words that sound pleasing.  ‘Snar’ words is a negative way to describe your advertisement. My partner Ayano, We advertised The glow pet.

What are your personal barriers that keep you from being a better public speaker?

Personally, I think I did really well because I had enough energy, confidence and some sarcasm  when I was selling the product. I had the most parts to get the audience’s attention.   I think that there were a few personal barriers that had kept me from being a better persuasive speaker for example looking at the script sometimes.  I think that one of the barriers would be my role in the infomercial. Another personal barrier is that sometimes I am a  shy person  my voice gets low and quiet.  Especially the time when I don’t want people to  know where I got wrong and misread my script.

How could you break down those barriers?

  •  Begin paying attention to the type of facial expressions you use and when you use them. You may not be aware of when you frown, roll your eyes or scowl.
  • Make sure your facial expressions are appropriate based on your topic, listeners, and objective. When you’re smiling while communicating a serious or negative message, you create a discrepancy between your facial expression and your message. The same discrepancy applies when you’re communicating a positive message without facial expressions.
  • Once you have increased your awareness of facial expressions, practice the skill of incorporating them into your message, matching the appropriate expression to each situation. You wouldn’t want to have a stone-cold look on your face when you are expressing your passion for your company’s products.

Are they real (physical) barriers or mental barriers?

I think that my barriers are both mental and physical barriers. My mental barrier would be being shy, nervous or  having stage fright because I am scared to mess up.  I think it’s a mental barrier because you think in your brain ” I will mess up and I don’t believe can do  it to myself but you can’t see it from my physical appearance. Maybe  posture towards the audience might tell us we are nervous?  My physical barrier is always using body gesture and looking around  because I’m nervous.


♢Reflection of Go away ♢

In music class, we worked on making a pop song into small groups. I was with Amane and Lisa. We all had a role and I worked on making the lyrics and the melody. Amane worked on writing the chords and a Piano person. Lisa helped me with writing the lyrics and the structure.

First of all, we all decided to come up with the chords and the theme.Our theme was a love song but it was hard so, we changed it into a heartbreak song.  Our first chords wereEfat but then after a month we changed into A minor.  Out the scale we are using A.B.C.D.E.F.G.A. Melody: I think melody was the hardest part in our group. It wasn’t easy to write one but tink our melody was catchy and kind of dark and bright at some point. Then we worked on our lyrics. I think lyrics was kind of easy then making the chords and melody. Lisa and I worked on it together and we made the lyrics depressing and we thought about the girl’s perspective.  We also used some lyrics from the ” Thinking out loud” and “I’m not the only one” by sam smith and ed Sheeran. I think the melody and the lyrics fit in well and it was dynamic as well.  These 2 songs also related to our songs which we thought we can use some and arrange it into our own words. The tone of the music changes when it comes to the main chords. Our cords was:

Make it go away

Make the pain go away

I’ll just cut my hair

Let the ashes turn grey


Finally the structure, structures are very important because the song is the way in which its sections have been arranged, usually with repetition, to create the total work.

I think our group pretty much did well on making a song. we had some problems changing the chords and the theme but after all we finished and performed really well. The impression we have as a group is Amane, Lisa and I, we all worked on our jobs and helped each other if needed. I think we had a great teamwork even though we should have 4 people in ourgroup but one person didn’t participate at all. Even if we had these problems as I said before we finished this unit really well. In my opinion, I think the melody was attractive and catchy to listen. The lyrics grabbed people’s feeling and you can tell she was really depressed and don’t know what to do. For example: “The proof is in the way, it hurts” She just needs to face the truth. “As the chapters start to close” Her love life is over now because her boyfriend cheated on her. These lyrics are actually really deep. Overall, I think it was hard making a pop song but it was fun and now we can finally work on our koto pieces.


 Hope you enjoy it XD 

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Learnd about the world XD

During this few month in Humanities, we started learning about globalization around the world first and then focused on Motomachi / Yokohama because that is where our school is.  For this project we explaining how globalization affects us in Yokohama. First we researched about history of Yokohama, with emphasis on The Bluff/Motomachi/Chinatown. Then, we  annotate The Bluff/Motomachi/Chinatown on Google earth. After that, the Fun part was we were separated into little groups and we went to Motomachi town for a little sketch for our final map.

I Lived in Yokohama for 4 or 5 years and I didn’t know there was a lot of deep history that is still unknown in this town. When I was in 7th grade, we also had a unit about Yokohama history but when i research it every year, I get to learn new things more and more. By doing  these types of big project, I learn that I need to be capable of making my own schedules and planning when and how I should finish each section. By doing this, I think I got mature and I think I am ready for High school big project. In this unit, I think I am proud of myself being organized and making my map clear and easy to look for the tourist. On the other hand, my grades got higher for the creative thinking and I think that, made me proud of everything.