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Hikaru Umi

three sections in Hikaru Umi where you feel that you need extra attention.
  • I need to be aware of half press and full press.
  • When I need to move 3 and 8 up or down
  • Mf, F or P

I need extra time on working on page 5 line 1 and page 7 line 4 measure 2. For page 7 line 4 measure 2 when i am really focused and if I don’t get lost and I easily do this but not 100%.

2. Write two sentences for each section, about what you need to work on and how you are practicing it.
In this music piece,  I need to work on getting the right notes for page 3 line 1 measure 4. I get mix up after I do the おしfor 5 ans then I have to do it again. Also, I need to work on page 6 line 1 measure 1 because I need to move the 3 down while I’m playing other notes. If I don’t move the notes right there the 2nd measure I need to make the 8 down, so I need to be prepare myself and my hand to move these 2 notes.  Finally, my 3rd thing I need to work on in this piece is half press and full press. I need to work on presses because it won’t sound nice if the press is not good.
I decided to circle these section really big and with colors pencil to get attention to my eye while playing. On the other hand, I will practice these when I have free time and do the same place X2 time.
3. After you have practiced, take a video of yourself playing one of the sections.


4. Upload the video, and include the comments for your three sections (about what you are  working on and how you are practicing them).

If you listen carefully, I think my press is kinda weak. sometimes my press is okay but others its to much or less. So I need to control it and while I was playing this I made a mistake about the  notes so i should look at my music really carefully and follow them. In my opinion I think this is not that bad. 😛 but still I need to work on it.

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“Hikaru Umi”

  1. June 10th, 2015 at 1:13 pm      Reply Curt Patterson Says:

    You chose some good things to work on. Presses are very important with koto, and moving bridges while playing is not easy. I wish that everyone had practiced the dynamics more. This is a good habit to get into – finding the most important areas to focus on and then working to improve those things. Let’s remember this for next year!

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