Over the winter break, my goal was to  play page 3 from the top until page 4 measure 13 very smoothly. I have some hard times finding the right string and using both of my hands at the same time. I will try and practice 3 times a week. If I success my goal, I would practice with a metronome or with a music. To reflect on my video I have recorded today, I didn’t successfully achieved my goal. I think this because there were still some places I get stuck on and finding the string. I feel like I do better in class more than playing it alone at home. I can feel the beat and I have a sense of me playing the right string more than at home. I can synchronize with others. To think positively, I do reckon I succeeded some of my goals at some part of the music. I think I got better at playing page 4 measure 11-13. The place where I need to use both hands and play 8 and 11 at the same time. Previously, I had struggles getting the beat and changing my hands to 8 and 10. Now I can play that part smoothly. In addition, in page 4  my left hand didn’t stop and I had my beat at the right tempo.

I think my practice strategies during the break was okay. I forgot my music folder in my friends backpack therefore, I didn’t have my music book. Even though I didn’t have one, I tested whether I can actually play the music with no music paper, and I did. To check myself if I was right, I listen to the music over and over again and Imagine myself playing.  I also hummed when I am bored. This strategies helped me with keeping the tempo right and moving my arms made me catch up than the previous video. To make this better, not just imagining myself playing I should play more and more when I have free time and ask my friends to play with me. This will also work on synchronization, teamwork and listening skills.


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  1. Curt Patterson
    January 28, 2016 at 11:21 am (3 years ago)

    Yes, you are showing some improvement Satono. I wish that you would have spoken about your goal in a little bit more specific terms. Also, your practice strategies are a little bit vague. What exactly will you do when you practice? How will you think about things? I am glad that you are enjoying koto. Let’s keep up the momentum!


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