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Personal Accomplishment

This year, my goal was to be in U15 Japan National Team and Advance All Japan’s National team for cheerleading. I’ve focused my whole year in grade 9 and summer break to accomplish my goal. Accomplishing a huge goal is not easy, especially mine. It is a win or a loss because it is depending on my future. In addition, if I fail, I told myself that I will quit cheerleading. Therefore, I suffered from a lot of things in my life; I couldn’t spend my fun and freedom with friends and I wanted to study in my future university for summer, however, I canceled it and focused on tumbling lessons.

To be in the team member I needed to pass my first test, which was held in July. There was our coach and a special guest member from America. He was in the most famous and strong All Star Team in California, and he was checking everyone’s skill. Sadly, The American Coach approved my individual skills such as tumbling and jumps but not my stunting skills because I can only do right side only. My heart was in pain and regretting how I was being nice to myself. I went for a vacation with my family and being a lazy person during summer. My brain was full of regrets and disappointment from all the work, I thought there would be no chance…  At the time when I decided myself to quit cheerleading, my mom told me I have another chance in August. My mom told me it is my choice if I want to fight again. It took me time but ended up going for another chance. Since I didn’t want to fail again, I always had my painful thoughts and feeling inside my heart and always planned my schedules ahead of time. My goal for the test on August was to show myself that I leveled up highly. Good news, I passed  Another tryout was held on December which was an actual final team member who will compete in the National competition in Japan during March and the member who will represent ” All Girls Japan” in the ICU and Worlds.

Good news, I passed the test and I am in the member of the team. I thought everything was done and will settle down but that was not true. The coaches gave us another test which was for them to pick the final member: the people who will be competing in the competition. I can finally say to myself that I am officially in the “ALL GIRLS TEAM JAPAN.”

Over the past five years, my dream was to compete in a competition in Florida that is held in ESPN called “ICU: The International Cheer Union which is recognized as a world governing the body of Cheerleading. There are 105  National Cheer Federation members / 3.5 million athletes on all continents, hosts World Championships consistently welcoming over 70 nations, many global continental and regional championships. However, there were rules as age-wise and levels to contribute in this ICU championship competition and it starts from fifth-teen is the years old.

Not only I have accomplished my own personal goal, I was able to achieve the hardest goal I have ever imagined. Our team goal was to compete in the finals and try to bring a medal home. It was unexpected due to the fact that Cheerleading in Japan is not a strong sport comparing to other countries Although, we were able to be in 3rd place for All Girls Junior Team in the ICU competition and 5th place for GIRLS ADVANCE TEAM.

All in all, I had a really fun time competing in both championships and I realized even more that cheerleading is MY SPORTS. It expresses about myself a lot and as people comment about me ” You always bring light and energy with your huge smile.” I will love to use my cheerleading skills to teach little kids and I want to keep on competing outside of Japan.

Satono • September 22, 2017

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