Personal Accomplishment- TEAM JAPAN

Continuing my story from my personal goal, my goal for this year was to be in the U15 Japan National Team and Advance All Japan’s National team for cheerleading. I’ve focused my whole year in grade 8th and my 9th-grade summer break to accomplish my goal. I knew that accomplishing a huge goal is not easy, especially mine and my parents and I knew that we are betting on a huge goal that can affect my future plans. At the same time, I told myself that I will determine to quit cheerleading. From a strong commitment to achieving my goal, I suffered a lot of things in life. Such as I couldn’t spend time with my friends, go on vacation, or even study.  All I did was the things that could benefit me from achieving my goals.

To be in the team, I needed to pass my first test, which was held in July. There were 100 people from the Kanto area who participated and ONLY 24 cheerleaders, including 3 substitute athlete. Meaning that ONLY 21 or if lucky 22 athletes are allowed to perform.  The test was based off individuals tumbling skills and stunting. In order to check this skill critically and strictly, there was our coach and a special guest member from America, Smoed All-Star Team in California. The team is famous on social media, having their own T.V show about cheerleading on Youtube.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t pass my first test. The American Coach approved my individual skills, tumbling and jumps, but not my stunting skills because I can only do right side only. My heart was in pain and regretting how I was being nice to myself. My brain was full of regrets and disappointment from all the work I put in. I thought there would be no chance. That said, I told myself to quit cheerleading, I was ready to do it. But my mind changed when my mom told me I have another chance in August. My mom told me it is my choice if I want to fight again. It took time to make a decision because I was very stressed about not living a ‘typical high school life’.

Although I may not be able to live a typical high school life, I  ended up chasing my goals again. I committed this goal on a whole new level. It is hard to explain in words but I felt extremely focused emotionally stronger in my goals. To stay focused on my goal, I always had my painful thoughts inside my heart for motivation and I always planned my schedules ahead of time. I only had a month left before my second chance but I did what it takes until the end. Since I was little, my parents always told me to NOT STOP fighting if I committee in my decision and to keep on thriving so that I don’t regret it. Therefore, my goal at my next test was to perform a new level of Satono Toyaba. In other words, a whole new me, performing an emotionally and physically stronger than last time.

To improve my skill, I went to a tumbling lesson twice a week, focusing on level 5 skills. Thanks to my mom for commuting with me, I was able to go to a tumbling place where the coach taught a lot of Olympic gymnastics. There, he looked at little tiny things that can Improve my combination skills as well. Not only I focused on my individual skill, but I also went to the gym to run and build muscles so that I can partner up with everyone. In the morning, I had a 10 min workout before going to school and after school. I looked after my health and nutrition as well.

Happily, I passed to be on the team. But the competition won’t stop. Another tryout was held on December which was an actual final team member who will compete in the National competition in Japan during March and the member who will represent Japan as an ”All Girls Elite Japan” in the International Cheerleading union competition ( ICU) and at Worlds competition.

From all the commitment I put into, It was easier for me to pass the test. This means that I was able to be in the member of the team. My effort has shown my the coaches putting me in both teams as an Advance and U15. I can finally say to myself that I am officially in the “ALL GIRLS TEAM JAPAN.”

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