GCD: Leadership – Volleyball

Volleyball is another sport I am very passionate about. I started playing volleyball as a school sport since 6th grade and started as a C team captain to an A team captain in 7th grade and 8th grade. As it gets competitive in High school year, it was my dream to be a captain before I graduate.

My dream has come true this year. Since my position is the libero, I cannot be a captain in games however, I was the captain in the court. My job was to let my players know when it is a tip, left spike, right spike coming. I was making sure other players know what is coming to prepare for defense. I made sure I was calling for the ball loudly as possible and keeping the high energy up.

This year was a huge downfall for me to play volleyball. I couldn’t read the ball clearly and my movements were stiff comparing to last year. There were times I have shown low spirit to the team and let them down. However, I learned that no matter what happens captains need to hold its pressure and focus on gameplay.  As a leader, I thought they needed to be skilled in playing volleyball to show a good reputation as a team, but I learned that I was wrong. Due to the wrong idea, I did have a lot of pressure and I thought I wasn’t allowed to make a lot of mistakes.

Being a captain this year was a very good experience for me because I think I got mentally strong and understand what its like to be pressured. By knowing this experience, I could help out others next year and become another strong family.  My job for next time is to be a leader who cares about what other players are thinking and listening to the problems they are facing in volleyball such us: pressure, tactics, improvements and so on. I won’t want to be a leader who only cheers up the court to make us play better. A team will develop even strongly if captains take care each person.


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  1. Craig Coutts
    May 2, 2018 at 7:23 am (12 months ago)

    Hi Satono, I think you learnt some valuable lessons in leadership. This has been approved.

    Mr Coutts


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