Academic Skill

This was my first year writing a Paper 1. To some extent, I had some difficulties writing a paper one more than doing my Oral commentary or a written task.  I was really worried about my exams which were coming up on May 22nd. Before the exams, as a class, we all agreed to come to school early to discuss the techniques and words we could use to write a paper one. Due to the schedules, English class was the only class we kept on missing due to school events, which is why as a class we decided to go to school at 8:00 and relearn about paper one.

All students needed to accomplish a practice paper 1, however, due to the influence, I got from examples I did poorly before the exams. This made my English teacher worried and so was I. I emailed my teacher immediately discussed what I can to improve even more and have a strong analysis.

I made an appointment Afterschool. At this time, we went through the thesis and my introduction of the body paragraph. There were 2 things I was really confused about, the word choice when I needed to explain my purpose of the article and an argument between diction creates tone/mood VS diction in general. We used 45min to talk about a consistent work I can use in my purpose of the article section and focusing on grammar error.

Due to this appointment ( one-to-one) seminar, I have improved a lot better in class which made my paper one practice 2 -before the exams- a lot better. The results from practice I did before the exam shown in the results.

The results gave me hope and felt very appreciated for giving me the opportunity to have an appointment with my English teacher. To make my paper 1 better, I am asking another appointment to go through my exam Paper one so that I can understand better and improve on my mistakes.

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