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Community Engagement- Service

Over the past 4 years in High school, I was involved in many service groups. The services I was involved was Dragon council, Sustainability, HOPE, Chiku center, and HS Refugee, however, I am very proud of the effort I have shown in Dragon Council and HOPE group.

11th grade was my first time to HOPE. I always hear good things and interesting event about it. HOPE is a service group that supports International Development Agency to underserved rural communities. As students, our role is to raise awareness about the needs of those in poverty, particularly in Cambodia. Students volunteer for inside and outside of school, such as, HOPE’s Tokyo-based events and or fundraise for HOPE projects and advocate for HOPE’s work on sustainable development on issues such as sanitation and education. In addition, some students like myself, engage in direct service on an annual trip to Pursat Province, Cambodia to engage in development work and build relationships with the local Cambodian community and also be considered for this trip must also commit to being active members of the HOPE Service club.

I’ve never been so engaged in a service group. I love helping out inside and outside of school, however, I have never done things what I personally wanted to do to fundraise or help out the community. I do things what a supervisor tells me or what groups tell me to do, however, HOPE was different. Since I was desperately wanted to go on the trip to Cambodia, I needed to fundraise 80000 yen individually. My first step was to do a bake sale during the AISA tournament. I sold 20 rainbow cupcakes. My next idea was to pitch an idea to my dad’s business and gave them a presentation about HOPE service group and the reason I want to go on the trip. In addition, I sold tie-dye t-shirts during the food fair and earned 2000 yen. Moreover, I sold all my game players and the things I don’t need. As a group, we did a lot of bake sales during school time and also at winter concerts. Not only I was engaged in fundraising the money, but I also helped out events outside of school such as an event that was hosted in Odaiba.


On the other hand, a service I am most proud of is Dragon Council. This is my 5th year joining Dragon council and each year, the DC members are becoming a bigger community group. DC group is the bridge to all the spirits happening in YIS. We take advantage of their spirit and use them to create a sports event, such as Volleyball world cup and this year, we are planning to make a sports day and PEP RALLY in YIS. Not only sports event but we host AISA and WJAA tournament. We do scorekeeping, create t-shirts, we make athletes feel comfortable to be in Japan( students from OSAKA and KOREA) and so on. If we don’t have DC, we won’t be able to organize a sports event, host tournaments really smoothly and so on.

Last year, I was one of the senior council group, having a role of “treasure.” My role was to keep track of money(selling food/buying food), buying flowers for the seniors, buying Pizza’s, t-shirts, taxi’s and so on. As one of the members of the senior council, I was able to help out plan future events and organize sports award as well. But this year, I am representing DC as a vice president.  My job as a vice president is to help my president out for schedule, organizing sports awards, contacting Mr.T, and keeping track of everything in general.

I wanted to bring an idea of pep rally because Pep rally has a role to make everyone bond and to share the fun times with others. Since YIS has a lot of spirits and talents where it should be shared, I thought pep rally would be the best place to share but school time cannot be used, pep rally will be held during AISA or WJAA tournament.

Reflecting my High school life in YIS, I realized I did a lot of things to help YIS a better community from performing in live aid, winter/spring concert to all the services I did. Dragon Council and HOPE service group was the most productive and feeling achieved


Satono • September 19, 2018

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