October 2018 archive

Work Experience- YIS SUMMER PROGRAM ( assistance teacher)

I never tried working for a paid job however, I have worked in school and outside of school as an unpaid job. Personally, It doesn’t really matter to me if I get paid or not paid because I like to help other people and it makes me happy and achievable in life when doing an unpaid job. At school, I have worked at YIS summer program for 2 weeks as an assistant teacher for 3rd graders.

On the very first day, I was very nervous about going to school because it was my first like teaching little kids on work. I am used to teaching sports such as volleyball and cheerleading, however, I never taught academics. I was very nervous because I was worried about the fact if I told something wrong and how to interact with them if they don’t understand.

Through the experience, I learned what it is like to have multiple kids and gave me a strong idea of myself being a mom. The experience was an advantage to me because now I know how to teach my own child when I grow up. This is important to know an advantage because it allows future plans how to be taught to be a good person and to be smart. Not only it gave me an advantage to the future but personally,  I learned how to teach students and willing to teach other students when I get older ( tutoring)

The YIS summer program was a very fun experience and gave me growth of independence and knowledge on kids.

Management- maintaining volleyball, cheerleading and academics

I never thought volleyball would be my second competitive sport. I started volleyball as a school sport since middle school (I guess, to some extent it is competitive) however volleyball was my additional sport.

My thoughts have changed this year in junior year, 11th grade. I understood the fun and the excitement of volleyball through games in Kanto. However, my thoughts have changed from personal downfalls.

Through the season, I was aiming for perfection and playing my role as a Libero-really well. I was bad at reading the opponents movements and understanding the ball will go, which made me miss a lot of down balls. Thus, my fun volleyball turned into more of a competitive volleyball career.

To prepare for next year, I started searching for a volleyball school outside of school, and I’ve found OOCA. I was roughly practicing volleyball outside of school. Since volleyball is a competitive sport in our school, I personally wanted to improve a lot. When time passed, I ended up( don’t know how) started to do competitive volleyball which was a plot twist. After doing a little competitive volleyball, I ended up getting an offer from a Hawai team-Hana Hou Volleyball club which I have joined from summer. The team allowed me to give an opportunity to compete in the Hawaii competition and travel to Florida for an AUU national competition where 2000 team members from the states come together and compete.

Strongly committing to competitive volleyball, I manage myself to practice every Saturday or Sunday for 3 hours to improve my skill. However, after getting offers from the team in Hawaii, I committed myself to practice 3 days in a week for 3hours before I leave Japan to make sure I am able to compete with the same level of my Hawaii team. My motivation has also improved by the help of my mom. I was able to manage my schedule (school) and to improve my skill because of my mom, who took me to a different district in Kanto and contacting the coaches for lessons. In addition, I learned how to manage my time wisely from competitive cheerleading, hence, Volleyball career was not stressful compared to cheerleading. The schedule was really loose, allowing me to pick dates and to cancel my practice the day before.

I was able to manage my time wisely with academics and competitive volleyball and yet, holding competitive cheerleading in my life. I think I am managing my time very wisely compared to the times I was focused in cheerleading because I don’t feel stressed and my academic is stronger. In addition, as I am an IB student, I understand my priorities.

For future plans, I am still willing to do competitive volleyball even if the season ends. Since I am aiming for a scholarship for Dll schools in the U.S, I am willing to commit to competitive volleyball, if not, a Dlll school. Either way, I will manage my time wisely by focusing on volleyball during school breaks and when I have time, I would touch the ball at home so that I don’t forget my formation and skills. In order to keep my gameplay skill, I would attend a group volleyball session where they play a friendly but also competitive game for 2 hours.