Work Experience- YIS SUMMER PROGRAM ( assistance teacher)

I never tried working for a paid job however, I have worked in school and outside of school as an unpaid job. Personally, It doesn’t really matter to me if I get paid or not paid because I like to help other people and it makes me happy and achievable in life when doing an unpaid job. At school, I have worked at YIS summer program for 2 weeks as an assistant teacher for 3rd graders.

On the very first day, I was very nervous about going to school because it was my first like teaching little kids on work. I am used to teaching sports such as volleyball and cheerleading, however, I never taught academics. I was very nervous because I was worried about the fact if I told something wrong and how to interact with them if they don’t understand.

Through the experience, I learned what it is like to have multiple kids and gave me a strong idea of myself being a mom. The experience was an advantage to me because now I know how to teach my own child when I grow up. This is important to know an advantage because it allows future plans how to be taught to be a good person and to be smart. Not only it gave me an advantage to the future but personally,  I learned how to teach students and willing to teach other students when I get older ( tutoring)

The YIS summer program was a very fun experience and gave me growth of independence and knowledge on kids.

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