Public Communication// Paralympic

My cheerleading group and I had the opportunity to perform at the Paralympic event, hosted at   Ueno Park last spring. Our team is very well-known in the district of Minato in Tokyo, thus, we are usually on Minato TV or on NHK TV show. The Paralympic event was lived on T.V while I got the opportunity to do a speech after a little performance. The reason why we performed at the Paralympic event was to give chant and energy for the Paralympic athletes.

Reflecting on my speech, I think I was able to spread my love for cheerleading and give strong reasons behind why I like cheerleading because I thought this place( the stage and the reason we did the performance) was the best fit. I started cheerleading because I thought it fitted well with my personality: cheerful, energetic, physical and so on. But as I keep on cheerleading in other areas of the country or even for sports. I saw the difference between competitive and just being a chant for a team. Currently, I like both because it gives different energy and emotions to the performance. Such as a chant is a more giving spirit. Compared to competitive cheerleading (with gymnastics) the performance is more high level and inspirational.

My cheerleading was always giving natural smiles to everyone and giving the audience the motivation to accomplish their challenges or actions they are willing to take. Therefore, doing a speech at the Paralympic event was the best opportunity for me to express my way of cheerleading. Also, I was allowed to speak in English in some parts, thus, I thought I made a group of unity. This was a smart thing to do at the event because the Olympics is international.

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