One way I like to express my feelings is through dance. Since I was little I was dancing what so ever. My mom put me in ballet, then Jazz, hip-hop and then cheerleading. Through these experiences in different types of dances, I was able to express my feelings strongly than others.

Understanding the ability I have, I wanted to take Dance as one of my IB classes. But then, I realize it was gone, I started to join Dance company at school since 9th grade. From 11th grade, I started to be the leader of the team with 3 others. Personally, I am more of a “giving advice” person and what I’ve realized is that it is easy to state what to do, but it is hard for others to feel and dance to it. I think it is easy for me to easily express what the (teacher, coaches) want from the performance because from a long dance journey and also it is just my personality but I realize it is hard for others. I still like to do dance because it releases my stress and dance can help me things I don’t want to express in words. Such as anger, confusion, love, and anxieties. I also like to express these through editing pictures.

The habits I got from competitive cheerleading is that I videotape myself dancing to see how I look. This is important to see how you look because if a self-individual thinks it is bad then the audience will also think the same. But also it is always good to be aware of little small steps for perfections, especially for me.  My habit is to always stretch after taking a warm bath. The flexible you are, there will be more flow in movements.

My goal is to perform more often to make a music video/dance video with my 7 senior members for the first and last memory.


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