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Global Understanding- Cambodia Trip

I have joined a service group called “Hope.” In HOPE service group, our general goal as a club is to support and deepen the relationships between these rural communities in Pursat Province, Cambodia and our partnership with HOPE in YIS. Before going to Cambodia, we make our own individual fundraising to go to Cambodia and as advocates raising awareness inside and outside of school. During the trip, our goal is to engage in person-to-person exchange with villagers in Cambodia (ex. with the children who will attend the school) and local HOPE staff. We also help construct schools and well for the poor family. 

This year was my first time traveling for a service trip using my money that I fundraise outside and inside the school. By fundraising my own money to go to Cambodia made me a mature person as I needed to time manage myself and face the reality of earning money. Our individual goal is to raise 70000-80000 yen however I have earned 90000Yen.

We stayed in Cambodia for a week, and for 3 nights we move to a countryside in Cambodia to help construct a new school; wells for a poor family; and teaching English to the kids.  We stayed in a tent which was built inside a temple. Since Japan is Highly developed Country, the environment that was surrounded me felt uncomfortable, however, I thought it was a good opportunity to actually know how it feels to live like the Kids in this village.

I am very fulfilled that I had an opportunity to go to Cambodia and understand a life I won’t be able to experience in a developing country. By going on this trip, I felt strongly satisfied with no regret on this trip. This is because I was able to see a huge smile on their (kids) faces, which was one of the reasons why I wanted to go on this trip- to see them very happy. However, to some extent, I felt like building school is not a great option. Of course, there are a lot of benefits by building schools but since there are more than 10 students for YIS who went on this trip to help out in Cambodia, we may have taken work away from local builders who need the work to earn money. In addition, the school may have built faster if we didn’t help out because the local workers have more skill and experience. This came to a conclusion that it would’ve been better to support and show awareness by building gardens and plants which- also shows interaction with kids and environmentally friendly-  rather than building schools and buildings.

Although, there might be some other ways the ‘HOPE’ service trip can help out efficiently when they go to Cambodia. But I think building school is not a bad idea and the activity of building school should not be stopped. By having more schools, the students in Cambodia can have a better education. They will have more opportunities to go to school. Yet, this trip has inspired me what is happening in the world and always feeling appreciated what I have now. If I have another chance to interact with kids outside of Japan, I would love to travel again for a service trip.


Nike Fighting within the reality

Nike Fighting within the reality

By Satono Toyaba

September 27th, 2018

Nike. Inc was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knigh. It has been famous for a different kind of sportswear and its company is still going strong. Thanks to  “athleisure”, the fashion became even popular comparing to the old days. In yet, Nike is still a strong company however, they are slowly facing several challenges with slow growth and sales.

The web Business Insider published an article “Nike is facing unprecedented headwinds” on July 4, 2016, by Mallory Schlossberg. The main purpose of this article was to tell the audience about people’s interests and how Nike is a lack of sale. In this article, they have mentioned three main reasons why Nike is having issues in their business; 1. Competition against other companies. 2. Inventory problems and 3. Basketball losing strength.

The article from Business insider simply explained the unprecedented headwinds. One of them was “Competition against other companies.” According to Morgan Stanley, he has specifically pointed a competition against Adidas and Under Armour. Both companies promised a strong partnership. Adidas already has success with rapper Kanye West’s Yeezys, and Under Armour an MVP basketball Player Stephen Curry. Therefore, other companies are rapidly increasing their sale growth and catching up with Nike.

Moreover, Nike itself has an excess inventory which has a negative impact on the company. Nike president Trevor Edwards mentioned, “As we go into the next quarter we expect clearly to remain in excess inventory through our factory stores and also through select third-party value channels,” Therefore, if there are more supply and less demand, the company cannot earn money thus they are not making the profit.

Finally,  the company reported that their sales for basketball shoes dropped by 1% and the trend for basketball are slowing down. It is a major concern for Nike business because it accounts for 12% to 14%. Due to the fact of strong competition within other companies, inventory, and basketball trend, the issues raised in Nike is connected with cultural concepts. As a culture we have heightened our awareness towards appearance, therefore we value fashion. Adidas and Under armor supports/shares the same value of fashion called “Street style” which is very trendy among teenagers to adults. they have found a target audience in which they can successfully sell their products to, on the other hand, Nike still caters towards a more general audience and values the quality of the product and that is why they don’t have an effective consumer as other competitive companies.

In opinion, to succeed in Nike business the company should market themselves more. Comparing to other sports brands such as Adidas, according to Hypebeast, they spend more on marketing (pay more) than Nike. According to Reuters,Adidas spent 12.4 percent of its 2013 on sales and marketing, up from 12.1 percent.”(Emma) As shown in the graph 1, Adidas has grown 67% in 12 months by marketing themselves more. In yet, Nike’s year overgrowth is there but it is just not as (percentage wise) as high as Adidas.(Matt) In theory, it is better to market your business for a long time because, it prevents from reputation rots, more customers and secures your company’s future. Therefore, I can see why Adidas started and pays more money for marketing.

All in all, I still think Nike is a successful sports brand and yet it still will be. They just need to figure out more on their target audience and how they like to sell and promote their business. By solving those problems, I think they can catch up on their sales with the others.

Graph 1:


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Why didn’t they help?

On February 2, 2005, a young man named Matthew Carrington died in the basement of the fraternity house of Chi Tau. He had 4 friends with him and was forced to drink water from a five-gallon jug of water, which was refilled over and over. Furthermore, he was calisthenics ( push-ups & sit-ups) with fans blasted icy air. His groups of friends were ridiculed for hours, being forced trivia quizzes. Suddenly, Carrington collapsed but Fraternity members thought he was just asleep so they didn’t initially call an ambulance, but one of his friends tries to call but didn’t press the button on the phone. By the time they thought/realized he was not breathing, it was too late… He was pronounced dead because of water intoxication. (SFGATE)

Obviously, Matthew Carrington would not have died if the members of fraternity called the ambulance immediately when he passed out. If, one person was brave enough to call, they could have saved a life that night. Even though they thought he was just “asleep,” just in case they should have take actions. However, we should understand their point of view at that time. They were having bystander effect. Usually, when people are alone, you encounter an emergency, you are more likely to take immediate action, while if you are one of the many witnesses in a similar situation, you are less likely to do so. This is called the bystander effect.

Furthermore, when you are with a group of members nor surrounded with a lot of people around you, our responsibilities get divided amongst that group therefore, we don’t feel the need for us to do something because we suspect that someone else will take care of it anyway. Following to the video here, the fraternity members persuaded each other that Matt was fine or he is just sleeping in which have stopped them as individuals from calling the ambulance.


Vega, Cecilia M. “Horrifying Details in Hazing Death / Police Arrest 5 — Chico State May Abolish Fraternities.” SFGATE. Chronicle Staff Writer, 5 Mar. 2005. Web. 10 Dec. 2015.

Warabe Uta reflection

This is my 5th year playing koto and I performed more than 10 concerts. Elementary through Middle school was memorable but I had some struggles and challenges performing at the concerts. I wasn’t nervous or anything, but I usually mess up while playing. I couldn’t performed my best best.  But this year in High school I performed really well. This is my first year playing koto in high school. Before going in this year, I was worried about not fitting in and I was worried about if I cannot catch up with the others because middle school level and high school level is different, but I chose koto because I love it so much <3 Well, my choice was right because I realized I am catching up with people and I am having fun.  On the other hand, I feel more comfortable.

We had a concert during October called “2015 NYC Tour Benefit Concert.’ This was our first performance this year as 7 girls in 9th grade. According to our teacher, it’s been so long that they had only a group of girls performing. I think I performed really really well because I had no mistakes. I memorized ” Warabe Uta” ( the song piece ) perfectly. I think I was well prepared mentally and performing it. Everyone was on the right track and nothing went wrong. Everyone was synchronized and put a lot of emotions into the music. I was relaxed and on the beat while playing and I put a lot of mood and emotions which I think made my performance amazing. 全力出しました!

Like I said before, I think my preparation was great. I did my practice log and even if there’s only 2 videos on my practice log, I actually practiced a lot outside of school. My mom was surprised that I practice more than the time when I was in middle school. I usually look at my music while practicing at home because I can be more focused about the dynamics, piano, soprano and so on. I think these are important in music because it evokes feelings. Thus, the audience feels relaxed and they might get  the message/story from a song. After our practice usually, Me, Kaori and Saya sing the melody that we like and this is how I check if I actually memorized the song. Also, if we walk altogether ( 7 girls) we all sing the song together. Having these moments outside of koto practice are important as well.  This year I realized this 7 girls got closer than last year. Last year koto was a huge member about 18 people in a group. Of course, everyone knew each other but we weren’t really close. We had our communications but when we perform, something goes wrong.  I reckoned this year group is really good  because when we set up koto’s we all ask if they need some stands and if one person it doing the stands job the other person gives out the color pencil or the turner. Everyone was very overwhelmed and supportive. I think now we are a one big caring koto group and a koto family. I can feel the love in the air. Everyone has their smile’s on no matter what, during our practice! XD To be honest, I didn’t learn a lot as a member of a group because I do cheerleading and cheerleading is a sport about teamwork and synchronization. I knew from the start that, if someone mistakes or stuck on a melody we all need to help them by playing the melody over and over again or making the tempo slower.

In conclusion, I think this performance was really inspiring and amazing. I accomplished my mental about playing the koto and I just need to play the koto again and again when I have time. My overall challenges what memorizing the “アイヌ”の 1st  row 1-4thmeasure. I think that was my hardest part to play and to memorize it.  In addition, it was also challenging how I needed to remember the part that is upbeat tempo or piano. Overall, I had a great time and I cannot wait until our next concert.

YIS HS Koto Ensemble at BankART Studio 2015



Mi Estilo Personal

Hola, soy  Satono!  Antes, no sabía nada de la moda pero mi mama y  amigas. Ahora me visto con ropa que está de moda.  Mi madre es muy a la moda y tambien me gusta de moda.

Nomalmente, yo llevo jeans y no me gusta llevo la falda. Tengo dos es tilos distintos: En la escuela y fines de la semana.  Durante los fines de la Semana, yo prefiero llevo vaqueros , la camisa, desgaste de los deportes y piyama . En la enscuela, normalmente me desgaste la joyeria, zapatos, y la camisa. No llevo talones. A mi me gusta  voy de compra  en Abecronbie & Fitch, Hollister, Forever 21, H & M y bushuka. Son mi lugar favorito.  Tambien me gusta compra en Estido de Unido proque tienen diferentes variedades  de la ropa. ¿Qué te gustaría llevar?


Mi libros es muy grandes.

El tuyo la mochila es pequeña.

Traveling today

In this few month, our unit was about velocity and speed. We looked at different graph and consider which part was going up or down ( the speed going fast or slow) We paired up and did a project about how long does it take from here to there at the playground ( we measured our speed of distance)  Now days there a lot of transport to travel for example car, train or plane to go to different places. Out of all of them,  when you want to travel  you have to consider how long it’s going to take you to arrive to your destination and plan out your things carefully. For example, when I travel somewhere I look at different websites and see which train I should go on because it will tell me the coast and how long does it take. I will go on the train that doesn’t coast money that much and a fast time to get to my destination.



♛Semester 2 reflection – Math yo♛

I’m in 7A and in my class theres 16 students 🙂  10 girls◕‿◕  & 6 weird  boys. Our teacher is Mr. Fedley and HE IS AN AWESOME TEACHER I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. He is a math teacher and he teach the students really good and I think he is really nice but sometimes he’s sarcastic ✌ lol Anyways, he really cares about his students

In this semester we did Percentages, ratios,algebra, statistic

This year I think the easiest one was percentage because I learned some in 6th grade and zI think I got good grade in percentage.

I think the hardest part this year was learning algebra because im  just not good at it 😛 It was hard to learn but I learned a lot.  So next year I really want to focus on Algebra.

I think this math class was awesome and I was happy that the teacher was Mr.Fedley. 🙂


Minuet koto

In koto class we were working/playing a non-Japanese music/melody, and my music is Minuet.

I think it was challenging because we were suppose to do your own tuning and I think that was the hardest and the めんどくさいpart. 🙂 But still it was fun playing the song Minuet.


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