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One way I like to express my feelings is through dance. Since I was little I was dancing what so ever. My mom put me in ballet, then Jazz, hip-hop and then cheerleading. Through these experiences in different types of dances, I was able to express my feelings strongly than others. Understanding the ability I have,…

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Public Communication// Paralympic

My cheerleading group and I had the opportunity to perform for a Paralympic event, hosted at   Ueno Park last spring. Our team is very well-known in the district of Minato in Tokyo, thus, we are usually on Minato TV or on NHK. The Paralympic event was also lived on T.V while I got the opportunity to do…

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Work Experience- YIS SUMMER PROGRAM ( assistance teacher)

I never tried working for a paid job however, I have worked in school and outside of school as an unpaid job. Personally, It doesn’t really matter to me if I get paid or not paid because I like to help other people and it makes me happy and achievable in life when doing an…

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Community Engagement- Service

Over the past 4 years in High school, I was involved in many service groups. The services I was involved was Dragon council, Sustainability, HOPE, Chiku center, and HS Refugee, however, I am very proud of the effort I have shown in Dragon Council and HOPE group. 11th grade was my first time to HOPE. I…

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Wellness- Cheerleading

Now that I think, I am glad I did cheerleading outside of school. I was in a Japanese community with strict Japanese rules which is tougher compared to inside school activities. An example I could give is mainly manners and also they only gave us 30sec of water breaks. After a water break, we needed to…

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Advanced Academics- Pre-College Summer Program 2017

The summer of 2017, after 10th-grade year, I traveled to California, Los Angeles to participate in a Pre College summer program in UCLA. I used to go to sports camp and have homestay, however, going to a college and staying in a freshmen’s dorm was my first time in my life. I wanted to participate…

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Inter cultural Communication

English is one of the most known languages in the world. I learned English and Japanese at the same time. As I grow up, there were years I felt English is my strongest language compared to Japan however, there were also other years I felt Japanese is my first language as well. Still yet, I…

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Academic Skill

This was my first year writing a Paper 1. To some extent, I had some difficulties writing a paper one more than doing my Oral commentary or a written task.  I was really worried about my exams which were coming up on May 22nd. Before the exams, as a class, we all agreed to come…

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Wilderness Engagement – Okinawa Trip

As part of the school curriculum, I went to Okinawa; a week-long expedition outside of school.  The Okinawa trip is a scuba diving expedition that allows students to earn PADI open water dive certification and engaging with nature under the sea. This was my first time going to Okinawa and seeing the beaches there. Since I am a…

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Personal Goal: GCD

I have been working on my tumbling skills from level 1-4 for the past 6 years. It was my dream to do a level 5 tumbling skill someday and it is very advanced compared to level 4. Doing a Level 5 tumbling skill on a normal mat is an AMAZING thing because cheerleading is not…

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