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Infomercials The PPGP – Me and Ayano


We had been talking about persuasive speech and talked about ‘snar’ and ‘purr’ words, depending on how you want/to tell  the audience to feel about the product.‘Purr’  words are positive and words that sound pleasing.  ‘Snar’ words is a negative way to describe your advertisement. My partner Ayano, We advertised The glow pet.

What are your personal barriers that keep you from being a better public speaker?

Personally, I think I did really well because I had enough energy, confidence and some sarcasm  when I was selling the product. I had the most parts to get the audience’s attention.   I think that there were a few personal barriers that had kept me from being a better persuasive speaker for example looking at the script sometimes.  I think that one of the barriers would be my role in the infomercial. Another personal barrier is that sometimes I am a  shy person  my voice gets low and quiet.  Especially the time when I don’t want people to  know where I got wrong and misread my script.

How could you break down those barriers?

  •  Begin paying attention to the type of facial expressions you use and when you use them. You may not be aware of when you frown, roll your eyes or scowl.
  • Make sure your facial expressions are appropriate based on your topic, listeners, and objective. When you’re smiling while communicating a serious or negative message, you create a discrepancy between your facial expression and your message. The same discrepancy applies when you’re communicating a positive message without facial expressions.
  • Once you have increased your awareness of facial expressions, practice the skill of incorporating them into your message, matching the appropriate expression to each situation. You wouldn’t want to have a stone-cold look on your face when you are expressing your passion for your company’s products.

Are they real (physical) barriers or mental barriers?

I think that my barriers are both mental and physical barriers. My mental barrier would be being shy, nervous or  having stage fright because I am scared to mess up.  I think it’s a mental barrier because you think in your brain ” I will mess up and I don’t believe can do  it to myself but you can’t see it from my physical appearance. Maybe  posture towards the audience might tell us we are nervous?  My physical barrier is always using body gesture and looking around  because I’m nervous.


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Drama Reflection


Clip #31 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In these few weeks, we worked on persuading people by our speeches. My topic was about why Tokyo is the best place to visit.

I came late to class  when we had to do this, and I didn’t have enough time to prepare myself, but I think I did pretty well. Before doing the speech, I was nervous and my hands were shaking but while I was doing the speech I didn’t feel anything. I was happy and enthusiastic. The thinks I did well was using hand gestures when it is necessary and I had eye contact with people.  Also, I think I was enthusiastic and in my opinion I had a tone of voice which makes the audience not fall asleep. Next time I would improve by having more confidence in my speech and not struggling. On the other hand, I will try not to smile that much and I think I looked at the cards through the speech.  I can use persuasive speech in my life now in different classes. We can make people convince them by using the techniques we used in drama class. We can also use this in the future if we are doing a presentation or when we have a argument. You need evidence and  reasons why you answer is correct which I can also use persuasive speech to tell people why my answer is right or wrong. To write a speech first, you need to know what you will talk about and understand your topic well for example your find a subject which you are passionate about because your audience doesn’t  want to hear a speech about something that you don’t  care about.  You also want to know who your audience and target is because the language will change to more polite way.  To prepare your speech just know what you want to talk about and tell strongly what your topic is about and why it is important or why you think that etc. Practice a lot my looking in the mirror or ask people to listen your speech and they will give you give you feedback. Persuasive speech is useful because we can persuade people why our strong speech and they might actually think the same way.  To present your speech well is  important because you can’t persuade people if we don’t talk clearly or say something wrong. You might lose a job or something or the project. You could also lose audiences attention.

In conclusion, I learned how to make a effective speech structure and it was fun listening to people’s speech because everyone has different opinions and how they speak.

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Drama Elevator sense


Elevator #1 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama we are working on our elevator sense and my groups are Sophie, Tjim, Satono, Janus. The things we can all improve is when the elevator stops, we should all panic and be more realistic then just calm down and just talk. Me as a character, I didn’t make the elevator realistic when it stopped because, I was just talking the whole time.  While I was looking at this video, we were all squished together, everyone in our group went at the back then standing at the right or front. I think I was kind of blocking Janus. I tried not to block him but I guess I did. We should also speak more loudly and clear and have more emotional and bring tones when we are talking. Finally, next time I should choose a right character. This is my opinion but, if we can, next time the teacher should show us what last year grade 8th’s did and so that we can learn and know what we will do more 🙂 But I think this assessment taught us a lot about characters and how we should act when we are in a realistic elevator.



8A Elev 4 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In Drama, we finally finished our assessment on the elevator sense, and this is our final video.

As you can tell, our group changed everything. The setting, the story, the characters and the attitude. Our first practice elevator sense we knew the task and we knew what do do but we wanted to know how it will look like and we wanted some examples to make it even more clear what our setting, characters and attitude before we started planning our sense.   We fail our first one because our characters we not realistic and we were not acting like we are stuck in a elevator. It was unrealistic how the elevator stops and my character were still calling on the phone.  Comparing to our final elevator sense, we all did pretty well:) I think I chose the right character this time and I acted panicky when the elevator stopped. I also talked loud and clearly and I also put emotions when we are stuck in the elevator. Next time I should improve on using more hand gesture and put more facial expression. This will help the audience give a clear idea how the character feels right now.

In conclusion, our final sense went well. It was a good opportunity to share our practice one before the final because if our final one was the practice one we would have fail and we could have not change any characterisation and we would not improve. They are more improvements we could improve for example, in this sense there not much”status“going on “ups and downs” which was one of the things we were suppose to do. If we didn’t get any peers from our class, we would have never develop our elevator sense this much 🙂

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What does stereotype mean?

.Stereotype means to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same. To make it simple you can not judge by just looking at something like.. what people think of culture, person, place or thing people like.  For example, you can not Stereotype a whole group of people based on one person you don’t like.

When are stereotypes useful?

Sometimes it is useful but sometimes it not. People think differently so people have different stereotypes. Well stereotype is useful in drama class because you can develop the character that you act and also it is useful when we play improvisation game.


Can you judge a book by it’s cover?

I actually learned a lesson by just looking at the cover book and bought one. You should really not judge a book by its cover because even the the cover looks good maybe the story is bad so first you should read the back, then just looking at the cover and buy one.  ( hahaah)  In real life, try not to judge people by there looks or what they think because people was different fashion, personality and what people think is different. Try to meet them and get to know them before you judge.


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