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Responding to “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher

A girl swallowed a handful of pills She killed herself Recorded a bunch of tape That were sent to 13 people Every tape had a different story   They were twisted suicide notes This was no joke If you were to find a little shoebox You might be part of this story Just listen Listen to the tape…

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‘Text for Change: Poems vs. Ads’

In this unit in english class,we are learning about pathos and persuasive techniques For our assessment we made a screencast about how language can change peoples emotions and we compared and contrasted a poem and a Ad. Here is my screencast:

Comparing Poetry and Ads

In this few weeks in english class, we’ve been learning about how language and visual language persuade people. We are also looking at different types of poem, how poems evokes feeling and how the author use technique. Poem is a piece of writing that express feelings and ideas. Poetry is more of a text than visual language….

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The Fault In Our Stars Okay? Okay?

When you are reading a love book and when they are having fun times with there boyfriends don’t you get jealous how their relationship is always beautiful? Even though you have a boyfriend don’t you want your lives to be like the book? Well… “The Fault In Our Star”  will move your heart because this…

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