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Why do people view history differently and why does it matter that they do? Include at least three examples and one visual.


Why do people view history differently and why does it matter that they do?  

Everyone is different, people are not the same which means people see the history differently as well. For example, People view history differently because of different perspective, nationality, culture, different childhood, environmental, different country they lived it and so on.  I will give you examples why people look differently.

One example,  people have different religions. Which relate, religion also have different beliefs for example, Christians believe in God, Holy spirit, Jesus so and so.  On the other hand,  Buddhists believe that the Buddha saw the truth about what the world is like. They believe that nothing in the world is perfect. They do not believe that the Buddha was a god. He was a human being just like them.  So, the environment you grew up living in has an impact on the way people think about history.  Another example is people might experience or was involved in a certain organisation  which is good or  bad.  By this, people can have different perspectives about the history.


I interviewed my Grandma what happen in 1945 which is Atomic Bomb in Japan. She experienced this  when she was in 1st grade. Her house and her family were safe because they lived in a countryside before they came back to Tokyo. This is my grandma’s perspective.

Gapminder: India and Mali


In humanities class we are working on “World Development” and we are using Gap-minding to see what happened in the past.

 Birth Rate 

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 9.21.45 PM

I chose India and Mali and this graph is about Life expectancy and New birth.   Mali Started off at 40 for life expectancy  and 319083 for New birth. India started off at 55 for Life expectancy and 24,031,090 for New Birth. Throughout the years, (1980-2013) their Life expectancy and new birth increased especially Mali, In 2013 Mali (new birth) was 571 644 and their life expectancy was at 55. India kind of decreased during 2013 for new birth, as you can see from the picture its kind of curved at the end.

Infant Mortality Rate

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 9.40.03 PM ( Life expectancy and Child mortality)

India started off at 55 for Life expectancy and 166 for child  mortality and Mali started off at 40 for life expectancy but 321 for child mortality which is higher than India. Throughout the years  both countries decreased their Infant mortality rate.  The results rates for Mali is 128 (child mortality) and  India 56 . This shows us both countries are LEDC (less economically developed countries)


GDP Per Capita

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 9.58.09 PM

( Life expectancy and GDP per capita)

India started of at 55 for Life expectancy  and 230 for GDP per capita. Mali started of at 40 for life expectancy and 212 for GDP per capita. They are both shown for India and Mali throughout the years.  During the 1989 Mali decreased a little bit and ended up at 195 but Mali recovered really fast so Mali increased a lot and also India.





Human Development Index (HDI)

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 10.08.58 PM ( Human development index and GDP per capita)

Mali started off really low for GDP per capita, Mali was at 0.174 and 212 for GDP per capita. India started off at 0.334 and 230 for GDP per capita. This rate shows for  India and Mali throughout the years. Throughout the years, both countries increased. In 2011 Mali was at  272 for GDP per capita and 0.379 for life expectancy. India, 839 for GDP per capita and 0.547 life expectancy.





Fertility rate

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 10.20.13 PM

( Children per women and GDP per capita)

India started off at 4.7 for children per women and Mali started off at 7. They are both shown for India and Mali throughout the years. Mali decreased between 1998- 2010 it is going back and forwards during the 2011, children per women increased a bit ( 6.9) India also decreased a lot and ended up at 2.5 and decreasing faster and bigger than Mali.

Life expectancy

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 3.06.57 PM

  ( Life expectancy in years and Time)

During 1800 both countries started low for life expectancy. India started off 25 and Mali started at 26.. 1803 there was a Battle of Assaye and it was a major battle of the second Anglo Maratha war fought between the Maratha Empire and the British east India company.   During 1807- 1811 things were normal but still the life expectancy was low than Mali. Mali is just going straight and nothing is really happening.  1830, it goes down again until 22 and goes back again in 1851 and goes down and down. I  think in 1860 to 1912 they had a hard life because the indicator is going lower and lower. During 1917, Mali went down and India is increasing a lot. Even though, India started of at 24, in 2013 India has high life expectancy than Mali.

Literacy Rate

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 10.49.04 PM   Life expectancy years  and life expectancy (adult total:15+) in years.

During 1976 Mali started off at one of the lowest literacy rate in the world at 33.4% and increasing slowly.  During 1981 India pops out and starts off at 56% for life expectancy and both countries increase at the same pace. They are both going up and up. In 1994 Mali’s Literacy rate is at 17 and India is at 52.  2001, Mali made a curve and slowly increasing than india.  Suddenly, india increase faster than Mali  but After 2001 to  2002, India stopped growing fast because there was was a three-day period of inter-communal violence in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Following the initial incident there were further outbreaks of violence. According to official figures, the riots resulted in the deaths of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus; 2,500 people were injured non-fatally, and 223 more were reported missing. Other sources estimate that up to 2,000 Muslims died. There were instances of rape, children being burned alive. During 2001 to 2009, a lot of things Happened in India  like Eral Case Perjury cases and etc.  Mali  improve literacy for the government planned to increase its education budget by 3%, when this was purposed it was at 35% in 2007. At the very last,  during 2011, India made a little effort for Life expectancy because on 2010 the life expectancy was at 65 but in 2011 its 66.  Mali stayed the same for Life expectancy but improved literacy rate.


The countries that I picked had some decreases but they are actually developing a lot through out the years especially literacy rate and Human development index. They are actually stable when they are developing then I thought. As you can see there are not much ups and downs going  like Japan. During 1940’s Japan’s indicator was everywhere because of World War 1 and  Japan decreased a lot but when I picked India and Mali it wasn’t like Japan( indicator) Still they are both poor countries ( LEDC )

This is my Screencast for compare and contrast India and Mali 


(I thought my video will be too long if I talked about my conclusion in my video so I will write it down here 🙂 )

In Conclusion, I notice that the people who live in Mali lives longer than India. Even though Mali is LDEC ( Less economically developed countries) It is good to live more than die  really young. And Ofc, India is a big country so they would have bigger numbers than Mali and they will die earlier because they are a lot of ppl who lives their and it is also  crowded. I think Mali and India has lower Literacy rate even though both countries increase a lot though the years. India is a big country so India  should develop more Literacy rate for the future.

Buddhism :)


Last week on September 24, at the last 2 periods all the 8th graders,  we went to the auditorium to learn about Buddhism. There was one guy who was talking about Buddhism and I didn’t know that he used/ graduated from YIS.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.06.01 PM


  • What did you learn during the day?

I learned the meditation can get all your stress out ( for me ) When I did the mandating I was relaxed and when it finished I felt comfortable and i felt like my feeling was light.

  • What did you enjoy or find difficult?

to be honest I think meditation and sutra was my favorite in that time. I couldn’t trace the kanji’s neatly( I had trouble beacuse of my brush) but it was really really fun.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.55.31 PM

  • What was the purpose of the meditation and the sutra copying? How did you find the experience.

I think meditation was for you should be relax and i think it tells us we are living and we have freedom.  Sutra was kinda hard because we used black ink and we traced it   and you need be relaxed and not be impatient   because if you are, you get frustrated and you can not trace really nicely.

  • What impact does Buddhism have on our lives and the lives of people who live in Japan?

Buddhism  is a very nice religion and it can make people relax and calm down and maybe thats why Japan is really nice to people and they also care. I think meditation impacts  Buddhism  life because ,meditating people are relaxing. They feel calm,not thinking about problems or troubles in the world.They are completely free of negative feelings like jealousy,anger or fear.

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