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Brain Science and Learning – Reflecting on the Impacts of Science


Some people think ‘gum’ can make your brain stronger, can help stay focused for longer tasks and can improve concentration in visual memory tasks. Well, I think the myths might be true. To be honest, I think it depends on people. People are different and people’s brain are different as well. Some people learn visually, some people learn drawing or writing it and some people learn by just listening. Hows how other people brains work.   When I researched about it, most of the scientist has/have experimented it which gives evidence and tells us there’s not much myths around it.  This information ‘The hunch that spawned gum studies was that chewing gum might increase blood flow to the brain, and that may in turn spark other important effects’ people will believe it.

This knowledge about this idea come from some sites online.  One of the sites I used is, “Chew Yourself a Better Brain.” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, n.d. Web. 10 May 2015. This sites gives me 5 different evidence.  This sites said ‘Gum has been studied for its beneficial effects on memory, alertness, anxiety reduction, appetite suppression, mood and learning.’  According to significant 2011 study, reported on by Live Science, found that chewing gum before taking a test improved performance, but chewing gum throughout the test did not. The possible reason for this result is that chewing gum may warm-up the brain, something gum researchers refer to as ”mastication-induced arousal.”  In fact, chewing gum for about 20 minutes is on par with mild exercise in terms of sending more blood to the brain. Continuing to chew after the warm-up period seems to have required too much jaw-work, and burning more energy negated the benefits.   On the Other hand, Other studies, like the one highlighted in this New Scientist article, have found that some aspects of memory seem to be improved by chewing gum.

Other sites tells us (“Chewing Gum Helps You Concentrate for Longer.” Chewing Gum Helps You Concentrate for Longer. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 May 2015.) Chewing gum can help you stay focused for longer on tasks that require continuous monitoring. This is the finding of new research by Kate Morgan and colleagues from Cardiff University published in the British Journal of Psychology.“It’s been well established by previous research that chewing gum can benefit some areas of cognition.  In our study we focussed on an audio task that involved short-term memory recall to see if chewing gum would improve concentration; especially in the latter stages of the task.” The study involved 38 participants being split into two groups. Both groups completed a 30-minute audio task that involved listening to a list of numbers from 1-9 being read out in a random manner. Participants were scored on how accurately and quickly they were able to detect a sequence of odd-even-odd numbers, such as 7-2-1.  Participants also completed questionnaires on their mood both before and after the task.

It matter that this research exists because people can have a better life and easy going life. If we social and share this information to the world, teens and kids even adults don’t have to stay up long and work, or studying for tests. Good information, better life.



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Traveling today


In this few month, our unit was about velocity and speed. We looked at different graph and consider which part was going up or down ( the speed going fast or slow) We paired up and did a project about how long does it take from here to there at the playground ( we measured our speed of distance)  Now days there a lot of transport to travel for example car, train or plane to go to different places. Out of all of them,  when you want to travel  you have to consider how long it’s going to take you to arrive to your destination and plan out your things carefully. For example, when I travel somewhere I look at different websites and see which train I should go on because it will tell me the coast and how long does it take. I will go on the train that doesn’t coast money that much and a fast time to get to my destination.





This is my link to the article

Science #2

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Rhenium poster Reflection ☻


In this few weeks, we learned about different types elements/metas and our science teacher gave us one topic about one of the elements and mine was “Rhenium”. We were suppose to make a poster about Rhenium and talk about it like… Rhenium is a silver white metallic luster.  We use it for Filaments, iron gases and we mostly use it for alloying agents in  tungsten.

I learned that Rhenium is a  is a silver white metallic luster because i didn’t even know the element was. Also it can it doesn’t destroy the environment.

The things that I can improve is using “easy bitly” because I just copy and pastes the URL not the real sources.  If I put the real URL I think I got a better grade or one more higher grade than now.

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