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DIY Program 2K14


In Drama class we made our own DIY program with a partner, and my partner was Aisling. Our DIY is about How to make Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappuccino. I think that our DIY was good for children the age of 10 -14 and teens, we talked in a good language ( not to simple not to difficult) I think our voice was clear and loud and I think our demonstrations were easy to understand, so kids and teens could understand completely.

Next time I think we can improve on organising our stuff because our ingredients are everywhere and its not organised also we needed to each out the equipment so next time we should put things in the place that is easier to reach and put them in order. Also when when we put foods in the blender we should talk or sing together because it would be boring if they just look at us putting ingredients in on the other hand it will be awkward… and its going to be silent so… yea.  I like the part where WE DID THE BLENDING DANCE even though it was short but still I think it made it interesting. I think our voice were  clear and loud, i think that made the audience easier to listen, our body language was casual and so it was more normal. Even though we laughed a lot, but i think in this case laughing is okay because it will be weird if we don’t smile to audience I think they wont be happy and uncountable.    The things I did well on this DIY is smiling at them ( thats me) 😉 and talking loud and clear and using some hand language 🙂

Cotton Candy Frap DIY

7A Drama: DIY Programs8 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think this group also did really good because they really explained it really clear and specifically. Also they explained  not to fast and not to slow and they had lots tones of voice and that made me interesting to there DIY

7A Drama: DIY Programs3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

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Make your mark ( Line drawing) Reflection


In this few weeks, we worked on our line drawing. Our unit question was, “How can we communicate visually?”   We started of by talking about different skills about lines and then we practiced our different techniques for line drawing. This is my final work Click here

For  example, lines like ocean waves, lines like as clouds and others.

photo 1-1

                          Second,  we worked on our lines by using black marker

photo 2-1

Then our teacher gave us a picture and also she gave as a tracing paper, which we traced the picture with pencil first and then marker. photo 4 The good thing I did well on this is that, I did well on doing the dots for the Railway track and also making scrambles to show the rocks are bigger than the back, so I used scrambles in the front and at the back I used dots 🙂 Also I think I did well on the mountains too. I think I should improve on  the tones ( dark to white) because they all look the same. Still, it was my first time to do this so I think this artwork went pretty well.

photo 3


By Durer
Christ on the Mount of Olives

After that we worked on At criticism. If you want to see click here The talk was to talk about the similarities and the differences from the pictures by Durer and VanGogh.  For me it was hard to write the judgement because both of the artworks are impressive 🙂


By VanGogh








Finally but not least, we planned our final drawing like what techniques to use. It took a long  time to choose what kind of line will match my picture. beach-desktopBut I definitely knew that I will use dots for the sand and also the wave lines 😛






I like my foreground the best  because as you can see, I used lots of dots to show the sand of the sea and I used straight lines for the foreground  to show the sands are bigger than the back. Also there is more tones in the front more than at the back.  If I could change my line drawing now then…. I would change my waves because I can see that theres not much tone and I should of had made some of the wave lines  more fatter because they kind of look the same.  But still, I think I did good on my final drawing too.

In this unit, I think the hardest part for me was doing different techniques and doing tones using the black marker. I think by using paint is earlier to see the tone because you can mix colors if you want to make tones by adding white, but with black marker you can’t mix colour so it hard to choose if it was dark or not. Overall, it was a fun  unit for me 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 2.33.12 PM

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Adventure to Jo’Burg


In this Few month in english class, we talked about “Africa”  We watched Invictus, talked about Apartheid ( also made a poster) and we read a book called ” “Journey to Jo’Burg” If you want to know or read the story of “Journey to Jo’Burg”  Please click here.

☟                            ☟


In this Unit, our question was ” What is the relationship between text and the real world.” I used to think,  In real life you can’t change whats going on but in the text you can lie and sometimes text gives the wrong information. In real life, you already saw what happened and you won’t be able to change the past.

After that we talked about “Africa” like If you think about Africa, What  things pops out of your mind first?  For example colours, the symbol and images?  For the colour, I choose orang red and brown because it’s hot in African and also some times its dangerous in Africa which represent the colour of red 🙂  I chose the symbol of a print of an animal because there’s lots of animals there 🙂  After that we needed to make a poster about your topic which you can choose form  Nelson Mandela, Soweto uprising and Apartheid, and I choose  Nelson Mandela 😛  See my poster      nelson-mandelaWhen we first made the poster, we first drafted    how your posters gonna look like.   First I didn’t even know he went to jail a lot and how  he helped his country ” South Africa”.  But I  knew he was the president of   SouthAfrica.  SO I researched about him, and I learned lots of things about his life style and how he    lived in jail.  After when we finished the poster, we went in small groups and share your  posters to them, and they will give you feedback 🙂                                                                                          Then, we watched the the movie  Invictus:)  If you want to see or know the story of Invictus    click here

 Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 11.21.23 AM

Then, I said before, we read the book called Journey to Jo’Burg . The main characters in this book are, Tiro a 9 year old boy, Dineo and baby sister of Tiro and Naledi, Naledi is a older sister of Tiro and Dineo. After reading the book, we played a game called hot seat. There is one chair in the middle of the room and the one that is sitting on the middle chair needs to answer the question. Some people  make 6 question from the book .   Finally but not least, we drew a picture of what was happening in book of page 60. Finally our last assessment was to write a more dramatic and detail story of “time of fire.” Click here if you want to see mine 😀

This is what we did in english class and I think we all worked so hard to finish this blog post and of course  we worked hard to finish all of our assessments.

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Speech reflection


In Drama class, we worked on our speech. There’s  4 topics that you can choose from which was, Awesome/ Best day, Holiday, If I was famous and Fashion. I picked Holiday and I talked about my cheerleading competition in Paris 😛

In my speech I had  modulation like… I  think my volume was okay because In some part, I talked loud and in the other, I didn’t 😛  I also think my pace of speaking was just right and  I paused when I needed to. I used  gesture and  facial expression when I was talking about the trophy and the place where I had good time in paris. I think It was good when  I smiled a little in my video because if I didn’t smile in my video, I couldn’t express my self how much I had Fun in paris and it’s quit wired and boring if you don’t smile. I think I used my  palm card well because my  palm card wasn’t that big and I think it was about the right size, BUT… I think I looked at my palm card  a lot more than looking at the camera and the audience so I think I should improve that. What I liked about my speech was I used gesture when I talked about my trophy.

I hope you will enjoy looking and listening my video 🙂

7A Drama: Informative Speech02 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


This is my friend Emily, and she also talked about her holiday to Arizona <3

In her speech her  modulation like volume was great. I can hear her clearly but sometimes it seems like she is rushing her speech.  She didn’t use gestures and  facial expression  too. I liked her speech but I couldn’t see how she had fun in Arizona. Most of the time she looked at her palm cards. Even if she look at the camera, its just 2 seconds or so. I LIKED her video because she talked about Arizona  is also popular in America which i didn’t even know that. Also I liked how she talked about when she watched a baseball game and they where cheering and they wanted to go on the big screen 🙂  I think she should improve on her tone because her voice is like… the same ad also her pase when she speaks.

Emily’s Speech

7A Drama: Informative Speech05 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

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Relationship between text and the real world☮


In Grade 7 English we have just read Journey to Jo’burg, by Beverly Naidoo. Before reading the novel I researched and wrote a magazine article on  Nelson Mandela . We are exploring the relationships between texts and the real world and we found many connections between Journey to Jo’burg and the real world during Apartheid.    If you want to know about the content Journey to Jo’burg, go to this  ☞ Link 


During that time ( Apartheid)  there was lots of rules about blacks and whites. During that time whites and blacks were discrimination. Some examples are, they were not allow to sit together or get on the bus. They have the bus for whites and  blacks. Another example is, they had a school for only blacks and whites. The whites always get good stuff like house and good food. They get/ have  lots of money and they can have good jobs more than the blacks.  The blacks need money so even if the jobs is  dangerous they do the job.                      Also at that time people ( whites vs blacks)   were killing each other, bleeding and falling down. Most of the black people were injured or hurt.

I had a great time reading this book 😀  and I learned a lot of apartheid during that time.





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Reflection on Park Illustration


In this few weeks we worked on our drawings. We went to a park and  we sketched our first draft, I drew a flower and other stuff. Then in our next class we went to the part again which I drew a different thing.  I drew a fountain ( that was our final draft) After that we colour in our drawing. Before that  we learned 10 skills of water colour paints. For example, salt which is a skill that you put the salt in wet paint and you dry it at the same time. Im not really good at art but I think I did good on this one. I showed it was a beautiful day. 

I used  the skill of Salt for the sky because I was thinking that it would be cool that the clouds are salt that just drawing the clouds. I used the stamps to make my artwork more interesting and I think my artwork is relax and calm. I used lots of green and blue colour because I wanted my artwork to be relax and it it also a nature colour. I used light blue because if the park is quiet and if you are relax then its like heaven. So I used light blue/blue to symbolized heaven.

2. Describe how you used feedback to improve your artwork. Include specific advice and specific examples of how you made improvements.

Well one of my comments were… its not really original. Maybe because it wasn’t finish or I didn’t have that much colour. I think my is original. I didn’t have the picture with me when I painted this so some parts, I used my emotions by colour.

3. If you were going to do this work again, what would you do differently and why? Thoroughly explain how these changes would improve your final work.

Most of the colours are not water paint so if I had time then I wanted to work on the techniques of water paint and also I wanted to finish my work a little bit more.

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Silent Movie Analysis


This few weeks in drama class we talked about analysing body postures and suff.  This is an short clip from a silent film, Neighbours, starring the famous comic actor – Buster Keaton. Buster plays a young man who lives in a tenement building, that is a large old apartment complex – usually
in a poor neighbourhood.


Topic  Analysis 
Identify the major Action/Gestures  Kissing the paper, running away from the dad
Identify the major Facial Expressions  Happy, Surprised, Scared and sad
Identify the major Postures  Standing there moving her leg like that she looks nervous and having her head bent because she’s looking down at the ground 
Create a Background Story based on the scene   THis is kind of similar to Romeo and Juliet. But there not rich and they don’t live in a palace. THe background story for this is, they guy and the women really likes each other but their parents won’t allow to like each other I guess.
What actions, gestures or facial expressions could you use in your mime and why?   I should use sad, scary and happy facial expression for my mime because they all related to our group mime. Happy because I came back to life, Sad when my mom needed to leave the room. Scared, when I needed to take the medicine and the shot.




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7th grade art – Illustrated Journal


In Art class, we have been working on our visual journals. We worked on it during Field Studies and some classes before and  after. I write journals sometimes, but I never made a visual journal before so it was really fun designing and putting pictures on it. I think making a visual journal for field study was quit smart because sometimes you forget the fun memorise  you had and in your own journal you can show how fun it was! Also you get to go back and look at it. If there’s drawing and if its creative you like to go back again and I think its fun when it has  photo’s on it because pictures shows more details than just writing it 🙂

Before we got our journals, we first learned what a visual journal is, and what we need to do. We looked at  books and people’s examples and talked about What makes a great journal. I think a great journal need to have Picture’s, colour, not to much words, creative and some others. Then we experiment mediums. In Field Study, we worked on it each day. I worked on my visual journal at the end of the day or when we have free time  in our room with my friends, and  shared our mediums (materials) with each other. Whenever I couldn’t remember what we did that day, my friends helped me or I look at my photo’s that I took on that day.  I was able to work on my journal everyday and it helped me remember what we did when I got back. Because of the journal, I was able to tell it was an AWESOME field study and what we did each day to my parents.

In my visual journal, I tried use different colours to express my feeling 🙂 Everyday was a great day so I used lots of yellow and other bright colours but some of the activities we did there was challenging like mountain biking so I didn’t use that much of a bright colour. I used the colour light blue/ blue a lot  for example when we all watched the movie Coraline. I used light blue for the background because it was calm and relaxing. Also some parts were sad and other part was scary too. On the other hand I used water colour pencil when I want to make my background light or when I’m colouring the sky. I learned that normal pens would smear when we use water colour pencil so we should use a sharpie. Also I learned that making a journal helps me remember a lot of things and some times it hooks your attention and you want to look at it again 😀  It can also become a memory.



Next time when I make another journal, I will NEVER EVER~ use normal marker, I will use a sharpie so that It won’t mess the work up. Also I would like to stick flowers and leaves in my journal.

I really hope we can do this again but not in a assessment 😛

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English: Book Journal “THE FAULT IN OUR STARS” :)


So far I didn’t really read that much after the post that I did for my first one. So im reading the book ” THE FAULT IN OUR STARS”. And I have fun reading this book :P.  So Hazle ( the main character in this story who has cancer) she wanted to a normal girl and she didn’t want to go to a supporting group. But she did because of her mother.  She met this CUTE guy in the supporting group name Augustus. When the other people were talking about there sickness, he was staring the whole time at Hazle. Why? because He used to have a ex girlfriend and  Hazle and his ex girlfriend looked alike.  They secretly liked each other ( they both don’t know that) , and one day, Augustus asked Hazle to go watch a movie together. ” Hazle’s first date I guess) :/ AND IM AT THE PART WHERE THEY ARE WATCHING A MOVIE TOGETHER!!! Awww,  AAAAAHHHH!!!  I predict that they are going  girlfriends and boyfriends and will they are watching they movie, I think there going to kiss each other 😛 <3   Im SO EXCITED TO READ WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!!

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English- My book Journal


Right now in english class, we have time to read, and we are using a program called DEAR, ” DEAR” stands for~ Drop Everything And Read!  Some of the students don’t like to read and they don’t read at home. Well for me, I like to read when I find a really interesting book like ” Orchards” for example. But MOST about… 60% of the book that I bought was boring. And I stopped reading because I didn’t find  a good book.  Anyways, so I think it is great to have some times to read in english class because it will help us and it is better to read something than not reading it at home.                                             We have about 20 minutes to read and after that, we write it in our notebook or our blog what we read so far.

In English the book that I’m reading is called THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. I chose this book because most of my friends  were  reading this and they said it is a really nice story.  I didn’t read that much but when I read the first page I notices that this book is really sad because it talks about cancer and the girl, she’s a teenager, 18 years old and her name is Hazle. Late in the winter of her seventeenth year, she notice she had cancer. She rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in bed, read same book over and over and thinking about death. And also she attend a weekly Support Group. ( because her mom). After a few weeks, she grew to be rather kicking and screaming about the whole affair.  She just wants to be a normal teenager like buying  her a fake ID so that she can go to the the club and drinking vodka. But still she went to the Support Group.  That’s all I read so far 🙂

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