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Make your mark ( Line drawing) Reflection

In this few weeks, we worked on our line drawing. Our unit question was, “How can we communicate visually?”   We started of by talking about different skills about lines and then we practiced our different techniques for line drawing. This is my final work Click here For  example, lines like ocean waves, lines like as clouds…

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Reflection on Park Illustration

In this few weeks we worked on our drawings. We went to a park and  we sketched our first draft, I drew a flower and other stuff. Then in our next class we went to the part again which I drew a different thing.  I drew a fountain ( that was our final draft) After…

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7th grade art – Illustrated Journal

In Art class, we have been working on our visual journals. We worked on it during Field Studies and some classes before and  after. I write journals sometimes, but I never made a visual journal before so it was really fun designing and putting pictures on it. I think making a visual journal for field study…

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