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Speech reflection

In Drama class, we worked on our speech. There’s  4 topics that you can choose from which was, Awesome/ Best day, Holiday, If I was famous and Fashion. I picked Holiday and I talked about my cheerleading competition in Paris 😛

In my speech I had  modulation like… I  think my volume was okay because In some part, I talked loud and in the other, I didn’t 😛  I also think my pace of speaking was just right and  I paused when I needed to. I used  gesture and  facial expression when I was talking about the trophy and the place where I had good time in paris. I think It was good when  I smiled a little in my video because if I didn’t smile in my video, I couldn’t express my self how much I had Fun in paris and it’s quit wired and boring if you don’t smile. I think I used my  palm card well because my  palm card wasn’t that big and I think it was about the right size, BUT… I think I looked at my palm card  a lot more than looking at the camera and the audience so I think I should improve that. What I liked about my speech was I used gesture when I talked about my trophy.

I hope you will enjoy looking and listening my video 🙂

7A Drama: Informative Speech02 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


This is my friend Emily, and she also talked about her holiday to Arizona <3

In her speech her  modulation like volume was great. I can hear her clearly but sometimes it seems like she is rushing her speech.  She didn’t use gestures and  facial expression  too. I liked her speech but I couldn’t see how she had fun in Arizona. Most of the time she looked at her palm cards. Even if she look at the camera, its just 2 seconds or so. I LIKED her video because she talked about Arizona  is also popular in America which i didn’t even know that. Also I liked how she talked about when she watched a baseball game and they where cheering and they wanted to go on the big screen 🙂  I think she should improve on her tone because her voice is like… the same ad also her pase when she speaks.

Emily’s Speech

7A Drama: Informative Speech05 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Silent Movie Analysis

This few weeks in drama class we talked about analysing body postures and suff.  This is an short clip from a silent film, Neighbours, starring the famous comic actor – Buster Keaton. Buster plays a young man who lives in a tenement building, that is a large old apartment complex – usually
in a poor neighbourhood.


Topic  Analysis 
Identify the major Action/Gestures  Kissing the paper, running away from the dad
Identify the major Facial Expressions  Happy, Surprised, Scared and sad
Identify the major Postures  Standing there moving her leg like that she looks nervous and having her head bent because she’s looking down at the ground 
Create a Background Story based on the scene   THis is kind of similar to Romeo and Juliet. But there not rich and they don’t live in a palace. THe background story for this is, they guy and the women really likes each other but their parents won’t allow to like each other I guess.
What actions, gestures or facial expressions could you use in your mime and why?   I should use sad, scary and happy facial expression for my mime because they all related to our group mime. Happy because I came back to life, Sad when my mom needed to leave the room. Scared, when I needed to take the medicine and the shot.




Singing In The Rain

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN the film ” Singing In the Rain” BEFORE? Well if you didn’t see it, You have too!  This is the film below ( Singing in the rain). It is performed by ” Gene Kelly”.   He is a famous dancer, actor and a singer.

~Props~ ~Rhythm~ ~Expression~ ~Moving through space~

He used a lot of props to express his feelings.  For example the first part he used the umbrella but he closed it and didn’t care about the rain or he enjoying the rain.  One of the most props that he used was a umbrella. He used it as a guitar, he was swinging around his umbrella and many things too.  I think he was in a happy mood because was skipping and walking in a fun way. He smiled every time and tapped danced. When he was dancing, he used the hole space including the roads. He didn’t care if he is wet. It was like freedom.       I thought the rhythm was not very slow and not very fast and it was good. Also, I think it matches the film. The pase was just right and he wasn’t walking slow or fast for the hole scene . He just walk slowly when it is a important part.


Drama The Best Speech

In drama class, we made a 1minute ~ 2 minute speech and we presented to whole class.Our  first speech was suppose to be about our passion and my speech was about cheerleading! I choose cheerleading because it’s my passion and I LOVE IT <3   After that, we did another speech about an IMPORTANT person in your family, friends, neighbor and tacher. I talked about my BEST FRIEND.  I think my BEST SPEECH was “Giving Topic Speech” because I looked at the audience and I didn’t move my body when I was speaking. I like this speech more than my first speech because we were allow to use palm card.  For this speech,  I should  of have put emotions and speak more loudly because if I put some emotions it will get peoples attentions. I should  improve on my voice.

This is my speech I like

6A Drama: Given Topic Speech from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I also thought that Emma’s speech was good because she pause in a right timing and she spoked clearly.

This is her speech

6A Drama: Given Topic Speech6A Drama: Given Topic Speech from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

My Drama speech!!!

In drama class we did talked for one minute about ” what we are interested. I talked about cheerleading because it is my passion. My speech was about one minute and fifteen seconds.  
I think my volume was pretty good because I can hear my voice not softly and I think my pitch was low. My pace was a little fast and I think I didn’t pause that much. I think my inflection wasn’t good because it went up then really down. I think I didn’t have any – emphasis. Also projection, I think my voice was not loud enough because when I was hearing my speech my voce was going up and DOWN and my voce was getting really soft. 
I should improve for my next speech is that, dont laugh when i’m talking. Dont dance. I want trying to dance but my hands just moves. Also don’t mumble. Finally, BOW to the audience.

6A Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.



Drama Reflection

The last month in drama, we have been doing different improvised storytelling games in groups. There were some games where you had to think of one sentence each and then out all that into a logical story.

In storytelling I have learned how I can make up a story while my group is telling it to a another person.  But you have to listen to other people while your talking so this game was hard for me. What I have done in Improvised Storytelling will help me a lot in drama class  also the  next year and so on.

 I learned a lot of things from doing improvised storytelling in the physical and co-operative storytelling ( Improvisation Tournament). I improved  a lot then we started this game. I improved on my thinking skills and listening but i think I should improve on my voice because I couldn’t hear what I said in this video. 

I can use all these skills when we  performance so that the story can make sense and the audience will not get board. 



Improv Tournament Reflection

In this few month, We were learning 4 games for the competition. The game is called space jump, Expert Double Fingers, Die story Die and Statues.
On November 28 we did a competition. I was with Saya, Dan and Idan. We were allowed to choose two games so we picked Space jump and Expert double Fingers. I think we were pretty good on performing because we spook loud and clearly.    For me Die story was the hardest because I can’t make up the title and its not only me. Also theres a conductor that points at us and I don’t know when is my turn so I have to listen carefull and to  be ready to talk. My favorite game was space jump because it is easy to make a new cense.

I should improve my performance by looking at the audience , bowing when we are finish and using some hand gester.   I could use this knowledge skills by

Out of ten for criterion C I think I will get a 7 because I think I did a pretty good job in my scenes but I made some mistakes for example like I said before not bowing at the end and looking at the audience.
How could you use the skills of this game for performance?

This is our group when we were doing Space jump

This is when we did Expert Double Fingers