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Speech reflection

In Drama class, we worked on our speech. There’s  4 topics that you can choose from which was, Awesome/ Best day, Holiday, If I was famous and Fashion. I picked Holiday and I talked about my cheerleading competition in Paris 😛 In my speech I had  modulation like… I  think my volume was okay because In…

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Silent Movie Analysis

This few weeks in drama class we talked about analysing body postures and suff.  This is an short clip from a silent film, Neighbours, starring the famous comic actor – Buster Keaton. Buster plays a young man who lives in a tenement building, that is a large old apartment complex – usually in a poor neighbourhood.  …

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Singing In The Rain

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN the film ” Singing In the Rain” BEFORE? Well if you didn’t see it, You have too!  This is the film below ( Singing in the rain). It is performed by ” Gene Kelly”.   He is a famous dancer, actor and a singer. ~Props~ ~Rhythm~ ~Expression~ ~Moving through space~ He used…

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Drama The Best Speech

In drama class, we made a 1minute ~ 2 minute speech and we presented to whole class.Our  first speech was suppose to be about our passion and my speech was about cheerleading! I choose cheerleading because it’s my passion and I LOVE IT <3   After that, we did another speech about an IMPORTANT person in…

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My Drama speech!!!

In drama class we did talked for one minute about ” what we are interested. I talked about cheerleading because it is my passion. My speech was about one minute and fifteen seconds.   I think my volume was pretty good because I can hear my voice not softly and I think my pitch was low. My…

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Drama Reflection

The last month in drama, we have been doing different improvised storytelling games in groups. There were some games where you had to think of one sentence each and then out all that into a logical story. In storytelling I have learned how I can make up a story while my group is telling it…

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Improv Tournament Reflection

In this few month, We were learning 4 games for the competition. The game is called space jump, Expert Double Fingers, Die story Die and Statues. On November 28 we did a competition. I was with Saya, Dan and Idan. We were allowed to choose two games so we picked Space jump and Expert double Fingers. I think we…

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