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Going the wrong direction

This morning we went canoeing in the lake. We had to make 1 group of 3 people and I was with Saya and Emily.T. I was in the middle, Saya was at the back and Emily was at the front. I wasn’t my first time do ride a canoe but I was not good at…

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Mountain biking

The next day, we splited in 2 groups and 1 group first went to canoeing in the lake for group 2 they went mountain biking and then  we switched. I was in group 1. It was  a long time I didn’t ride a bike so I was excited♥ My bike color was red and white….

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I’m up in the sky

On the october 16th my group and I, we went to a field near the Hotel and going to ride on the Hot air balloon at night. It was my first time to ride on the hot air balloon. We waited in a cold freezing night. I think I was a risk taker because I was afraid of  heights. We…

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Looking Forward to Field Studies

Next week we are going to Hakuba. I am really excited to do fun things like going on air balloon,canoeing, climbing on the mountain, rock climbing and lot more things too. Im worried about climbing on the mountain. I think I have been to Hakuba before but I don’t remember. I am looking forward to ride on the hot air balloon because…

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