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Going the wrong direction


This morning we went canoeing in the lake. We had to make 1 group of 3 people and I was with Saya and Emily.T. I was in the middle, Saya was at the back and Emily was at the front. I wasn’t my first time do ride a canoe but I was not good at directions. First it was hard  and we went the wrong way and the boat was going around but when we peddle for like 15 minutes we got used to it and had a better teamwork then the frist time. When we had rest ours Saya and I walked on the rocks with no shoes on it but everybody did. We were taking a long time for a one step. And finally Saya didn’t swam but I did. The water was cold like a I was in the North pole. And we went back into our canoe and Peddle.  Our hand got tired but we didn’t give up. The boat got faster and faster because we had teamwork. I think I was a communicator because if we communicate we have a good teamwork and we got back at  Aokiko. 


Mountain biking


The next day, we splited in 2 groups and 1 group first went to canoeing in the lake for group 2 they went mountain biking and then  we switched. I was in group 1. It was  a long time I didn’t ride a bike so I was excited♥ My bike color was red and white. There were lots of hills!!! For the first hill,It was easy to go up but when we went more far it wasn’t easy for me and my friends too. One of the hills were very hard to go up. My energy was empty because of this hill. SO I keep getting of and on. 🙁  But we made it. My favorite part  was a bumpy place. For the bumpy place it was hard to pedal and it was a Narrow path so it was hard to control. I think I was caring because I didn’t bump into people, also If one person is slow I didn’t cut him or her.  Also my favorite part was going superfast down the hills. After  30minutes past, my bottom was hurting hardly that I didn’t want to seat any more. But I tried and didn’t wained. Finally we came back. I wish that I can mountain bike with my friends again♠ 🙂 

I’m up in the sky


On the october 16th my group and I, we went to a field near the Hotel and going to ride on the Hot air balloon at night. It was my first time to ride on the hot air balloon. We waited in a cold freezing night. I think I was a risk taker because I was afraid of  heights. We finally got on the hot air balloon!!!!!♥  It was going up slowly……….  They were 2 lit of fire that lift up the hot air balloon. “Were up in the SKY!” When I looked up, the sky was surrounded by star. It was a lot better than Tokyo. It was like a dream!!!!!♦ It was beautiful. But if was fast to go down it was like 4 minutes. I was sad. But it was the best night during this field study.

Looking Forward to Field Studies


Next week we are going to Hakuba. I am really excited to do fun things like going on air balloon,canoeing, climbing on the mountain, rock climbing and lot more things too. Im worried about climbing on the mountain. I think I have been to Hakuba before but I don’t remember. I am looking forward to ride on the hot air balloon because it’s my first to ride on it. I hope we can have a wonderful Field Studies.

                                                                                                 This is the place that we are staying ♥

IB learning profile 

I think Saya is really principal and caring because she always take responsible of her self actions,she always care about her friends, she’s always organize with her stuff, and sometimes honesty to her best friend too♥

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