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How do we improve

I think I need to improve on my flexibility because I am a cheerleader  and I have to be flexible. Also I need to improve on muscular Endurance because when I do cheerleading we need to jump for 3minuts do a head stands or a hand stands for 2-3 minute. Also body Composition, because if I get fat…

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P.E Essay

We did fitness for four weeks. I learned lots of words like Cardio-vascular Endurance,Flexibility, Body Composition and Muscular Strength. First I didn’t know what does these word mean but now I learned it. Cardio-vascular Endurance means about how strong your heart is, your lungs and your blood. You can test Cardio-vascular Endurance by swimming,running,basket ball and lots of  sports too….

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Fitness Test

We should test our fitness because 1.we can set goals 2. try to make our bodys healthy We did these test for 1 minute. Power test: I jumped 32 centimeters. Flexibility Test: I reached 43  centimeters . Co-ordination, Cardio Vascular Endurance and Agility Test: Burpee Jump 26 times. Hight Check: 150 centimeters. Push up’s and sit up  Test :…

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Cooper Test Cardio Vascular Endurance

We went  to  Minatonomieruokakouen and we ran a 200m lap as much as we could for 12 minutes. I ran 9 laps and ran 1800. We ran because we want to test our cardio vascular endurance if it is strong. If I was 12 years old, I got a average amount of meters. It was…

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