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How do we improve


I think I need to improve on my flexibility because I am a cheerleader  and I have to be flexible. Also I need to improve on muscular Endurance because when I do cheerleading we need to jump for 3minuts do a head stands or a hand stands for 2-3 minute. Also body Composition, because if I get fat then I can’t jump high, can’t be flexible and that means I also can’t do a hand stand for a long time.

This is what I need to improve in Fitness class ( P.E)

P.E Essay


We did fitness for four weeks. I learned lots of words like Cardio-vascular Endurance,Flexibility, Body Composition and Muscular Strength. First I didn’t know what does these word mean but now I learned it. Cardio-vascular Endurance means about how strong your heart is, your lungs and your blood. You can test Cardio-vascular Endurance by swimming,running,basket ball and lots of  sports too. You can time  them by counting how many laps you can go. If you know the answer search in the internet and you will know your average. If it’s very bad keep on working hard and you can set some goals. Flexibility means to be flexible and to do a splits or any kind of skills. You can test then by  touching your food on your head by not hurting your self or you can touch the ground. If your not happy, you should stretch after taking a bath and  before when  you get to sleep. Another way is to go to Yoga class then I think you will get flexible. Muscular Strength means two  important parts of your body’s, ability to move and weight. You can test Muscular Strength by going to a gym class and do weight lifting. If your doing sports I think Muscular Strength, Flexibility and Cardio-vascular Endurance are very important to your bones because If we didn’t have those we are week. For example If you are doing cheerleading you have to have Muscular Strength because you have to lift people up and be flexible because you have to jump high and do a back flip or a round of you have to be flexible. There are lots of sports that need these four things for example Volley ball, cheerleading,soccer, tennis, badminton and etc.   


To be fit you have to have a good Cardio Vascular Endurance, to be healthy, exercising and have a good bone and having a energy. If you exercise a lot you will have a fun life. We should test our fitness because we can know that our  body is strong or not, we can set goals and try to make our body’s healthy too. In class we did lots of test to find out is your body strong. First we did Cooper Test Cardio Vascular Endurance. We went  to  Minatonomieruokakouen and we ran a 200m lap as much as we could for 12 minutes. Next we did Fitness Test.  Then we did Power test,   Flexibility Test, Co-ordination Cardio Vascular Endurance and Agility Test, Hight and weight Check, and Push up’s and sit up  Test.For me push up was the hardest because you use your muscle and hands. And the easy part was was power test because you have to just jump and it’s fun. I learned that girls have a smaller heart than boys. My Favorite part in fitness was making your own stretch with a partner and take turns.It was very fast to finish fitness,it was a very good experience for me and I think My body is stronger than last time but I need to improve my running.

My Goal is to run two laps in Nigishi park and don’t stop and keep running So I will practices on the week ends and my other goal is to do a back flip 2 times. I wil practices all the time when I get home or when I have cheerleading class.


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Fitness Test


We should test our fitness because

1.we can set goals

2. try to make our bodys healthy

We did these test for 1 minute.

Power test: I jumped 32 centimeters.

Flexibility Test: I reached 43  centimeters .

Co-ordination, Cardio Vascular Endurance and Agility Test: Burpee Jump 26 times.

Hight Check: 150 centimeters.

Push up’s and sit up  Test : For push up test I got 20 times. For sit up I did 21 times.

I got a normal weight and hight for my BMI



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Cooper Test Cardio Vascular Endurance


We went  to  Minatonomieruokakouen and we ran a 200m lap as much as we could for 12 minutes.

I ran 9 laps and ran 1800.

We ran because we want to test our cardio vascular endurance if it is strong.

If I was 12 years old, I got a average amount of meters.

It was hard to keep running for 12 minutes.


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