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Fair Game: Grade 7 technology





During this few month, we worked on making a theme-park in mincraft.We work this in groups and my group was Sophie, Deven, Loretta and me.  In every group, we have a leader, peacemaker, follower and a creative person, and I was the peacemaker. There are many types of theme but our theme was the radioactive and our group name was radioactive unicorns 🙂 We worked on 4 stages of the criteria A B C D.

In the investigation part, in our group we talked about What is collaboration and Corporation and we researched about minecraft. After that we planed who is making what. I made a merry go round. We also talked about who is our target audience. Our target audience are teen boys ( 13- 15)  and brave girls. We also talked about State what the problem to be solved, we also worked on our Design Specifications.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.41.44 AM


I think we met our Design Specifications  because 97% of our park is filled with green and yellow except the haunted house and the theme looks creepy. I think our ride is fun to go on especially the lava ride 😉

These are the feed bacack from ( 13-16)

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.53.17 AM



Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.53.23 AM





Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.52.56 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.52.41 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.53.07 AM



For the Design, we plan what our theme looks like. We made 3 plans together as a group and we picked the first plan. We labeled  what color should  the ground be  and also the bathrooms and the benches. Also we made our step by step how to make our own ride. We also talked about our pros and cons:

Design 1


  • It’s simple and easy to make

  • colors match well

  • The layout of the attractions are better for advertisement.

  • The entrance matches the theme and catches peoples’ eyes.

  • It matches the target audience


  • It’s big and will take some time.

  •  The entrance for the lava coaster is far at the back of the park.




Our 1st design

Our 1st design






2nd plan

2nd plan 


  •     Shape is cool

  • It is organised

  • More than one entrance



  •           It is hard to make

  •       It takes time to make one

  •               You can’t see the restaurant sigh because it’s at the top

  • the last one

    the last one


    • It’s the real simple to make, the simplest therefore it’s easy to make

    • The lava ride is really long and the most detailed

    • The entrance is easy to make


  • The floor isn’t colored so it won’t match the theme of the park.
  • The main and biggest ride is in the front, which causes people to stay in the front and not do the other rides.

The rides are really far apart, which makes it inconvenient for the customers.

Why we picked design 1


Our rides make it exciting for the teenagers, but the rides are the same for the others so they are tied.

The colors from design 1 match the theme very well but it matches it as well as the other parks.However, the ground will be black unlike the others and that will be the best.

Design 1 is the best choice for flow because the biggest ride and most famous ride is at the back, causing the teens to walk to the back first, and that will mean that they will see the others rides as they pass by, which means they will do those rides also. The bathrooms are placed behind the restaurant, in the middle of the park and right between the haunted house and lava coaster. The middle of the park location is a place where a lot of people will pass, and the lava ride and haunted house location will have a lot of people there since they are the most famous rides and the restaurant location will sell refreshments so then they will need the bathroom.


Then we started making our theme park. I started off by making a fence 10 by 10 (I followed my step by step plan.  1- 3)  Then I made fence and the rail more big and added torches.  (Deven helped me make the lever,Step 6) Me and sophie destroyed most of the merry go around and made a new one that has under ground rail, a zig zag rails, put zombies, Lava.       Deven told it was like a roller coaster and it didn’t turn out like the plan so it changed to

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.18.29 AM


I feel proud and happy that Im in this group and finished the theme park really cool. I really like this group because we all shared ideas and we finish the work fast then the others. We all helped each other to make a great theme park  and we all gave  feedback. I think this group is the best group I ever had!! We didn’t have any arguments, we all played our role ( peacemaker)  Our group didn’t have any fight or we all agreed in our ideas so I guess i wasn’t really contribute in my role but sometimes we have lots of ideas  so I pick  good ideas and stuff but I helped Sophie ( creator).  In this group I learned a lot about myself. I notice that I can be a creator or a leader 🙂        ( depends in groups) but I think I will do great if I was a leader next time for another kind of subject. Also I learned that I  do good with smaller groups (y) Maybe next time, we should help people if they are working for 3 rides because thats not fair.

In conclusion, i didn’t know that much about minecraft and how it works. Im glad that I was in this group ( LSSD) WE ARE AWESOME~ <3

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Reflection on my Digital Story


In technology class in  this few month, we worked/made our own Digital story.  If you want to look at my digital story,→ please click her  Hope you will enjoy it :).  Our unit question was  ”How can we use media to communicate our stories?”  I think we can  use social media sites like face book, Instagram, tumbler, twitter, Face time and like Email. 


Reflect on how well your digital story met the essential and desirable specifications you wrote for yourself when you did the peer assessment compared to how well you met these goals after the video was complete. 

My Essential was ↓                  

. It must  have 2 min to 6 min ish

. School Appropriate/ Age 

. .it must to be cool and catch peoples attention

. It must have an hook Introduction   

And my desirable was 

.I’d like my Video to have my cheerleading group and doing skills  together  

.I’d like my video to be Interesting and fun to watch

. I’d like  my  video to have tumbling/ back handspring/ and other  cool skills

. I’d like my video to be nice   

My friends gave me feed back and that is

Sophie- I think your story is very clear so people like to see it. Also as I said everyone will like it “I” think!!!!:):)

Loretta – I think that this is planned really well and you have written down in your storyboard about what you want to do or something from how you are going to do this. 

Emily- I think your video has good videos on your cheerleading, and good pics on your ballet. However, I think it will be better if you have pictures of you doing hiphop or jazz dancing. Also, you should make your voice louder or make the audio of the video lower.   

Aisling- I think that your video is very good and is interesting to watch! it certainly has alot of you and your group members doing cheerleading skills! but maybe the video of the cheerleaders is a bit too long and made it slimly boring to watch… no offence.. but a little so maybe you could shorten the video amount. 🙂 but otherwise its all good and you reached all desirable yay  

When Aisling told me about it was kind of boring at the end, I cut  some place which it was my Asia Competition. First I had 6min for my video but  when when I cut the place that was boring it turned out really good. My video was about 4:20min 😀  

Then I showed the new version on my Video Amane said ↓

Amane-  I’d like my Video to have my cheerleading group and doing skills  together

> I don’t really need to comment on this since you did have them included in the video
I’d like my video to be Interesting and fun to watch 
>For me it was really interesting because I didn’t really know about cheerleading. But maybe from around 2:40 (the cheerleading video) to the end it might have been too long. I’d like  my  video to have tumbling/ back handspring/ and other  cool skills
>Yah it was really cool 🙂 (sorry I didn’t really know what to comment because you had them)
 I’d like my video to be nice   
> I think your video was great!! I love it <3  
2. Reflect on your work during each part of the design cycle and explain areas for improvement with excellent detail and supporting examples. 
First we Investigate what is Digital story, “How can we use media to communicate our stories?” ( which I talked at the first paragraph) Key Features to Story-Telling and we also looked at peoples story.  Key Features to Story-Telling:  I think the story has to be detail, it has to have Emotional, funny interesting and  Characters, Manipulation, not to  detail, it cant be boring and it has to have a solution and a problem.
After that, we looked at 3-4 digital stories  My favorite one was  “The Best Artist Ever“. I liked it because its funny and I liked how they talked.
Then we chose our topic which my topic was “History of my dance”.   I talked about my ballet class, Jazz, Hiphop class and my cheerleading class. 
I used Garageband to cut some part for my music. Also I used I movie to put some effects to my video and record my voice.  
For plan, we worked on our storyboard and out timeline. The plan was the hardest to me because In that time, I didn’t really have an Idea that clearly. so it was hard to make my storyboard.  My Digital story and my storyboard didn’t seem the same.. but It turned out really good ;D Also I didn’t really know how to make my own timeline because it was my first time to make one. 
Create: Create was my favorite part. It took really long to put effects and cutting music and stuff. Still it was fun. We had about 4week or more I think ti work on. For me, I wanted to have more time to work on it but to bad I guess. 😛 If I had time, I wanted to film on my tumbling  myself and stands. 

Evaluate:  Time to do our reflection!! We finished our reflection in one day. I think I did really  GOOD and Im proud of my self  because I wrote a lot and I told my audiences that this semester in technology class was really fun


This was a really fun semester 🙂 I hope we can make the second semester will be more awesome too 🙂 


My History about my Dance <3 ♛ ☯


THis is my Video for the Digital story in Tech class.

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3 important skills that you need to know in cheerleading.


In technology, we have been working on our own tutorial from March.  My  tutorial is about  “3 important skills that you need to know in cheerleading.”  I hopre you enjoy it  😛




I think my tutorial has a Title, Pace, List of materials, Length, Video Quality,  Voice, step by step, On topic, Intro & Outro Music, Slow or Fast Motion and  Strategies. 

For “Title”, my title is about 3 important skills that you need to know in cheerleading.”

For length, it’s Between 2 – 3 minutes

For List of materials, I said you need a ” wall”

For “Video Quality”, its not blurry

For Pace and Voice, I think I spoke clear, loud and energetic.

“On topic and  Intro & Outro Music, ” I was on Topic and I have into and outro music. 

 For “Slow or Fast Motion and  Strategies”, I showed fast motion and i showed strategies for example my last part ( roundoff into a cartwheel)  


For extending my thinking, I watched two people’s tutorial. They are  Emily’s blog and Ayaka’s blog. I learned a lot of things. I learned that making it simple makes people understand better, making the music catchy make the audience hook there attention,  I learned another type of shape of an ” S” ( Graffiti letters), and another way of making a mash potato’s.  Also I learned that, the words you use in the voice over, and how the tones goes of your voice, will change how the audience feelings.


My  challenging for my tutorial was PLANNING. My first topic was ” How to do a elevator stand into a pop”. I filmed it but I didn’t have time to film it again and again and my cheerleading lesson is on Friday and it was due next week so I couldn’t film it. Also if I’d have time to practice my stands and then film, I think it was better because we didn’t practice our stands when we filmed. So I changed my idea.  ( That was my challenging part)      Well my challenging part RIGHT NOW is that putting the picture next to each other. 

For example like this. This is Ayana’s blog. I am just using her as an example.  I wonder how she did this. Also I want to know how to put 2 text together like this picture. 


Finally,  First I thought that tutorial is not important to people and hard to MAKE. But right now, I think it is important to people because we can learn new stuff. AND still it  was hard to make ONE TUTORIAL but I REALLY ENJOYED MAKING ONE!!!!!!  I hope we can make another tutorial someday in technology CLASS! 

      Feel free to fill this in

Technology Tutorial Reflection


In this few months, we were making a tutorial.We  did only a few things We first discussed, ” what is a storyboard and what gear storyboard are. Then we made a storyboard about your topic and mytopic is about doing a elevator stands then doing a pop. (These are skills for cheerleading).

My partner thought that my storyboard has a  Title, List of materials and it’s  step by step because I have a title im my storyboard, I draw materials what we need and it’s step by step because I draw what I’m going to show in my storyboard.


I think my my storyboard is the best because, I pacifically  drew what Im going to show. Also I showed  what materials are needed to do a stands. Also I talked about good Information and what you have to do.   I said bend your knees and I drew what hand shape you have to use when a person in on your hands. Also I think said it is important to look at the another base not the top because if you want to put her down we kind of need  to have eye contacts. Finally I think I said when we are doing pop, if I pushed my top person up, you have to get ready to catch her and where should you hod her.                                                                                                                                                        Then I know that my viewer is learning because my storyboard is Step- by -step and I zoom my hands what pose should they do.

This is my Storyboard

Then we made a timeline on what I need to do before filming. What I need to learn is that, If I was doing a stands and I was talking loud but in the video if I couldn’t hear my voice, I need to learn how to make my voice louder in I Movie. I can learn this by asking my technology teacher.


To conclude, I am very excited to film my tutorial because I never made a tutorial before. Also I think it is interesting and fun to do this unit. I don’t usually make a video and post it in youtube.  Also I am worried about my stands. If we were filming and when I couldn’t catch my top person I have to film this again.


Technology Tutorial investigation Reflection


In this project  our task was about ” Tutorial”. We have to search for ” favorite tutorials” in You tube. We talked about  What did the creator do well, what was good, What was hard to understand and what did you learned.  Then we have  to  imbed the video that we liked in our blog post.





Then we have to comment on people’s blog. I’ve commented on Saya’s blog, Emma. D blogs and Nao’s blog.

In Nao’s blog he liked the tutorial called “How to Delete Your YouTube Account”

What did you learn from this tutorial? Why?

I learned that it doesn’t take time to delete your account.

What makes it a good tutorial? Why?
I liked how this tutorial highlighted what he/she is going to press. That is good because it tells people more easily where to go.

What would be difficult to learn from this tutorial? Why?
It could been helpful by zooming it more so that we can see it clearly.
2. He should have added his voice so that we can understand.

In Saya’s blog, I’ve commented the tutorial called ” how to draw Homer simpson”

I learned, how to draw Homer simpson mouth.I liked how he explane really pacifically. That is good because people will know more easily.It could been helpful by talking and drawing a little bit slowly so that people wont get rushed and they could understand more.

In Emma’s blog, I commented on a tutorial called” How to make a popsicle soap”.

I learned that you can’t just buy a square soap that sells every shop. You will need a special soap. Also I learned that you can’t just put the liquid in the popsicle shape. You have to put a oil really carefully. I like how she’s said the materials first. That is good because it tells people that theres a special stuff that we have to use. Also I liked how she explained her step really detail. THat is good because people will know really easily. Well her tutorial was really good, but I think she should have improve by talking a little bit fast.
I would like to try this at home. :)


Finally, we all did our google presentation. Mine was about “How to put a widget on your blog. I think my google presentation is clear because I talked all the stept that will be needed and I didn’t put lots of words. Also I put lots of pictures and put an  row pointing whats important. 

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My Favorite Tutorial


My hobby is cheerleading. So I’ll pick a tutorial call “How to do a Back Handspring”. I chose“How to do a Back Handspring“ because in cheerleading class I am trying to do a back handspring and I want to know more about how I can do a handspring more nicely.                                                                                                                                       I learned from this video that you can’t just stretch your body, you have a way if you’re doing a Back Handspring. That is arms,nickel, neck up and down. And After that you need to do a bridge and that will help us all the muscle that we need for the skill. For this tutorial it make a good video by introduced the topic before she started. This is good because you will know what we are going to do, and the teacher told us and show us how we are going to do a Back Handspring. That is good because it will help people to not get injured and doing the wrong thing.  I think for me, it was difficult or it would been helpful by doing a slow motion  2 times. That way we/me will know more exactly how we can do it .  








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Create Reflection


In technology class in this two weeks we were making About ME page  in our blog and we updated our widgets and we created a navigation menu that include all the page and categories.

My back round theme                                               I am very proud of my theme and design because fire works make me smile when am sad and we can make memories.   I like to look at fireworks at night and If its winter we can’t see fire works any more its only for summer. But if I put the picture of a fire work for my back round, I can see it all day and I can remember my memories when I saw the fire works with my friends and family. Also my back round stands out and I think my back rounds is cool so I think people can see my blog more.

The thing I am  most proud of my blog is the categories and the widgets because I like how the categories is not in the boxes and its like it is written by paper. I think It is really creative. For my widgets I am very proud of my total Visitor. I think for the total visitor the back rounds is so realistic and the birds is moving.

who has visited 

I am very sad about this theme some times because it dosen’t have a header. I heard that it depends on what your them is but I wish there a way that I can put a header in my blog. Next time I want to learn how to put peace sign on your blog. Not for my back rounds but at the right of the thing that has categories and stuff.


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Plan Reflection


In this last four weeks, we were learning about how to grow a blog and we design what we would like to be in a real blog. Also we have learned these thing because we can know what goal should we work on and we can try to design what you draw and pick a similar kind of theme and make it as your blog.I learned that it’s not possible to have these blog’s that I designed.


I choose this theme because my favorite color is green and I thought green matches my design. Also green doesn’t stand out that much ( thats ok) because I want people to look at my post more than my back round. But I thought that it’s boring just to have a green back round and I want to have more people to look at my blog so I put sun shine peace sign and other things too to make it interesting. It represents me that I like Music and peace sign and it show I like creative things.

I want to learn how to put a clock in my blog. I will learn it by experimenting and see what works the best best and Look at peoples blog. Also I will tell a teacher or a friend. Another thing I want to learn is to put a thing that tells me that who’s looking at my blog in other countries too. I will learn it by looking at some videos, tell an adult and google it.

My favorite part and my challenge part of this unit was designing my blog because  I like to draw but it was hard for me to think what my blog should look like . I think my work was pretty well because I did my best.





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Investigate Reflection


During this six weeks, I worked on three things. That is learning about word press, blog research and brainstorm. These words are important to know how to comment on things, changing the themes, how to post or save the draft and how you can make your blog better. I notice that if we didn’t know how to do these basics you can’t make a good blog.

First, we worked on blog researching. We looked at people’s blogs and find out if you like it or not , what is good about this blog and why is it important. One thing I wrote is about how one girl put the category neat. I think it is important because people will know where shall they go. If the category are together we can’t read it. I learned that I can put videos that is not for school work for example top three music videos or sports too. Also I need to have a good front, background, designs and to be neat to get people’s attention to read my blog.

Second, we worked on our brainstorm.

                                                                                                                    We worked on them because if we didn’t have any ideas or you don’t know what I supposed to do, I can check my brainstorming again then I don’t have to think again.


Finally, we worked on word press. We learned how to use our blog for example if I don’t know how to make a new categorize I can check my learning word press then I think it will say the information.

The most important criteria for me is writing, about your self and information. It’s really dangerous when you write about your self some times on your blog because the hole word is looking at your blog and even strangers too. If you write your hobby, what you like to do, and your favorite songs are ok,but when you write about your birthday, where you live,I’m not sure but your age and lots of private stuff, some one might act as you or some thing will might happened to you. I think Information is important too because you have enough information because then the reader will not understand what you mean and they will not look at your blog because it is boring. Then writing. Writing is important because it it doesn’t make sense people won’t read it.

If you want to check these things for writing and information, you can check your writing again and again if your writing and information has good grammar, spelling,punctuation and has to make sense. If you’re not confident, you can ask your friend or teacher to check. About your self,you can check by  thinking to yourself if you can say this to people that you don’t know or tell an adult if it’s ok to say these things.

I think I did a very good job on writing the reflection and my brainstorm. I think my brainstorm is pretty neat and colorful.I learned that when you comment I have to say why I like this and be more pacifically and learned that you can’t write like face book comments. I want to learn how to make one post privately and how to put calendars on your blog. I want to improve more by take the readers’ attention.

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