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My Field Study

Few week ago,  7th graders went to Nagano for field Study and stayed at North Star. We went on September 30th until October 4th. It took 6 hours to get there. But still it was really FUN!  If someone tell me ” what was the most fun thing in Field Study”, I would say riding on the bus because you get to talk to people ( friends) playing Truth or Dare XD and playing cards. Also you get to know them better even though your in the same class! That’s the one thing I LOVE  about Field Study 🙂


                                                                      Grade 7 


This year in field study we were pared up with groups and we needed to work together. There were 4 different groups. I was in  group 1 but our group name was meatballs. We did lots of bonding activities like mountain biking, soba making and others. But this helped us working as a community, listening to others and sharing Ideas to your team mates. I think, this years point of  field study was working as a community more or working with people that you don’t really talk too ( new people). Also I think challenges, solving problems and communicating each other.  This relates to what we did in field study for example hiking. Last year when we hiked we went all together lining up. So we just needed to follow the teacher or people that is in front of you but this year we were pared up in a small groups with no teachers, and in one group there are about 6 or 5 people. This relates because in this small groups we need to communicate each other like “lets go that way” and we need to think of each other and solving problems together. If one person is slow at walking then your group needs to wait for you or one person is fast at walking you need to catch up or say ” slow down.”

I had a great time in North star and I made good memorise with most of the 7th graders. I had fun working with my groups and I think 7th grade got a little closer together like we are a big family. I got to know more about my friends and I think we did really good at working as a community.







Tokyo National Museum

On April 23rd, we went on a field trip to the Ueno Zoo and Tokyo National Museum. My friend Ashley and I we went to the Ueno zoo together because we live in Tokyo. We rode on the traincalled Yamanote line. But most of the people live far away from tokyo. They also went by train. They rode on the train from Ishikawachou Station.  First we went to the zoo then we went to the Tokyo National Museum. There were very close so we walked to the museum from the zoo.



I never went to this museum and I don’t go to these places.

At the museum, we had to choose 3 to 5 things. I chose 2 things because we didn’t have much time. One of them was called “Standing Fudo Myo-o” By Unkei, Kamakura period, dated 1186 (National Treasure, Ganjoju’in, Shizuoka). I choose this object  because it interested me how his hair shaped wired  and his face .


January Goal Setting

 Looking Back

 What important things happened in your personal life or school life in the last year?

My important thing happened to me was graduation. ” Bye bye Elementary school” 

 What was good or special about it?

It was special for me because because we can get another happy life that is going to Middle school. 

How did your life change?

My life changed by my family giving me money some times but not every month. 

How did you grow or change?

Change: I think I grow and change because if we are going to middle school we have to be organize and responsible. 

 Did you learn anything or decide anything that was really important?

Its not important but in cheerleading class I learned that how can we do a stans, not only one but more. 

 Did you go anywhere or do anything that was really important or interesting? etc.

Last summer I went to LA with my friends for 2 weeks and we went to a camp. I was only one that was japanese form 400 people in that camp.


                       Looking Forward:

            My Personal / Academic Goals

                          January 2013


Goal 1 

Doing a hand sprint

This goal is important to me because…

This is my passion. Also If I couldn’t do it before i get to another a high class everybody can do it.

The benefits of achieving this goal are…

If i can do a hand sprint  then I would be able to go on a competition against other strong  teams.

 I would like to achieve this goal by…

I would like to achieve this goal by going to cheerleading every friday and do tumbling for 1 hour and half. or I will practice backflip at my house.  I want to do this by June!

 The steps I will take to achieve this goal are….. 

The steps I will take to achieve this goal are remembering the steps 


 Goal 2 

Try to do a spike for a serve ( Volleyball team)


This goal is important to me because…

It’s not that important but when I  get older if I want to be on a team, I have to do a spike for serving because people aren’t serving the way they swing their arms and the balls go.

Spike serve example                                                  This one I always do 



The benefits of achieving this goal are…

Having strong power and listen what the teacher say.


I would like to achieve this goal by….

I would like to achieve this goal until when I go to a higher level.


The steps I will take to achieve this goal are..

searching on the internet, asking my mom ( she was in a volleyball team) and practise


Goal 3 

Getting a higher grades on MATH

 This goal is important to me because…

math is what we really need to learn because when we get older or Adults math is always there. No matter what country you go to math is there.

 The benefits of achieving this goal are…

Listening to the math teacher and if I don’t know something  ask an adult  

 I would like to achieve this goal by…

trying to listen to the teacher.

 The steps I will take to achieve this goal are…

The steps I will take to achieve this goal are remembering how to do it 





Looking Forward to Field Studies

Next week we are going to Hakuba. I am really excited to do fun things like going on air balloon,canoeing, climbing on the mountain, rock climbing and lot more things too. Im worried about climbing on the mountain. I think I have been to Hakuba before but I don’t remember. I am looking forward to ride on the hot air balloon because it’s my first to ride on it. I hope we can have a wonderful Field Studies.

                                                                                                 This is the place that we are staying ♥

IB learning profile 

I think Saya is really principal and caring because she always take responsible of her self actions,she always care about her friends, she’s always organize with her stuff, and sometimes honesty to her best friend too♥

My wordle

I think my family is a important thing in my life because they care about each other and they are always by your side and help you when you need them.


I think im always energetic because my best friends said so. Im always energetic when Im with my friends and go some where with them.