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My Field Study

Few week ago,  7th graders went to Nagano for field Study and stayed at North Star. We went on September 30th until October 4th. It took 6 hours to get there. But still it was really FUN!  If someone tell me ” what was the most fun thing in Field Study”, I would say riding…

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Tokyo National Museum

On April 23rd, we went on a field trip to the Ueno Zoo and Tokyo National Museum. My friend Ashley and I we went to the Ueno zoo together because we live in Tokyo. We rode on the traincalled Yamanote line. But most of the people live far away from tokyo. They also went by train….

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January Goal Setting

 Looking Back  What important things happened in your personal life or school life in the last year? My important thing happened to me was graduation. ” Bye bye Elementary school”   What was good or special about it? It was special for me because because we can get another happy life that is going to Middle school.  How did…

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Looking Forward to Field Studies

Next week we are going to Hakuba. I am really excited to do fun things like going on air balloon,canoeing, climbing on the mountain, rock climbing and lot more things too. Im worried about climbing on the mountain. I think I have been to Hakuba before but I don’t remember. I am looking forward to ride on the hot air balloon because…

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My wordle

I think my family is a important thing in my life because they care about each other and they are always by your side and help you when you need them.   I think im always energetic because my best friends said so. Im always energetic when Im with my friends and go some where with them.

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