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We have been studying the history of Yokohama. We all chose a research question and mine was, “How did World War II affect the monuments in Yokohama.”


Monument in memory of the casualties in WWII Credits:

Through my research, I have found that there were quite a few monuments built in honor of the casualties in WWII. However, there were not many monuments built at the time of the war. I found this odd because there were monuments built around the time of The Great Kantō Earthquake in memory of the lost people in the earthquake.

Monument in memory of the deaths from The Great Kantō Earthquake Credits:

Monument in memory of the deaths from The Great Kantō Earthquake

I am not sure why there were not many monuments built at the time but later on, there were many more built. Japan wasn’t the only country who built monuments in memory of the deaths in WWII, other countries also gave monuments to Yokohama because some of there people died in The Great Yokohama Air Raid (no link for the air raid). An example of this was India, who gave this (below) monument in memory of the lost Indians during the bombing.

Credits to me :)

Credits to me 🙂

Overall, to answer my question, World War II greatly effected the monuments in Yokohama.

(All images are CC)

Tech Fair Game Minecraft Project: Evaluation (Short version)

We were put into groups of 4 or 5 to work on an apocalypse theme park in Minecraft. The attractions we built were: A zombie hotel, a scary maze (I built this one), a haunted house, a zombie restaurant, and a roller coaster of death, “The death coaster”.

In the Investigation, we did a bunch of things. We brainstormed a lot of things about collaboration or group work, Minecraft, what would make our parks good, other theme parks that had our same theme, and etc.

We also created the Design Brief which is like an advertisement with lots of information.

I think the most important aspect of the investigation was the Design Specifications, which included essential and desirable components, and components our theme park shouldn’t have. It also included tests to check for the above. Please fill out THIS survey. See also these pictures.

The Design Specifications are:

Essential: There must be scary things. There must be zombie.
Must Not: There must not be bright colors (pink, sky blue etc.)

Quality/Strength –
Essential: Our attractions must be interesting and scary; they are going to be relatively complicated to make.
Must Not: There must not be any pink, or no diamond armor, or anything that makes people not scared.

Aesthetics/Originality –
Essential: We have to be original and creative, and it has to match our theme.
Must Not: Our theme park must not be a copy of another theme park.

Function –
Essential: We must look like zombies, or something scary.
Must Not: We don’t want to look like princess, or something cute.

General –
Essential: Our park must fit in our area of the park.
Must not: Our park must not go into a different area of our park.

Personally, I think our theme park did well on our design specifications. For the theme, we had lots of zombies and things that make our park creepy. For example, our walls have creepy monster heads.

The zombies.

The zombies.

The walls with monster heads.

The walls with monster heads.







We didn’t use any bright colors, which would make the area less scary. However, pigs spawning would make our theme park not scary.
For the second specification, I think we did well because our attractions were creepy.

The Death Coaster Entrance.

The Death Coaster Entrance.

The Haunted Restaurant.

The Haunted Restaurant.

The Zombie Hotel.

The Zombie Hotel.

The Zombie Maze.

The Zombie Maze.

The Haunted House.

The Haunted House Entrance.


















Again, there is nothing that makes our theme park not scary except for the pigs (mentioned before).

For the third specification, I think we did really well. We were original, creative, and so different from other theme parks that it looked super cool. As for originality, our theme park is unique.

Our Theme Park!

Our Theme Park!

For the fourth specification, we should have changed our “skins”. Even though we did not look scary, we didn’t look jolly.

Everyone except one looks like this. Credits:

Everyone in our group except one looks like this.

For the last specification, I think we did great. I think we used our space wisely (ex: making the lava fountain huge) and kept our theme park snug and within the space provided.

Proof that our attractions stayed in our borders/boundaries.

Proof that our attractions stayed in our borders/boundaries.

Proof that our attractions stayed in our borders/boundaries.

Proof that our attractions stayed in our borders/boundaries.







The results of the survey to see if our theme park fit these design specifications are here. The highlighted results are similar. It would have been better if we asked more people from a range of ages (still in our target market). The results our target market had similar, positive, thoughts about our park. Here is additional feedback.

We did well on the investigation because we collaborated well; each of us contributing different ideas which helped us complete the activity fast. For example, after completing the first two lessons, we collaborated so well that we did lesson 3 and 4’s work in class. We also did a good job with our design brief because it was attractive and had lots of information. I think we could have improved on our design specifications and maybe find more parks (with a similar theme). Some of the design specifications were similar and we should have made them different. An example is; For theme and quality/strength, the must  nots for those were too similar. For finding more parks, there were not many theme parks with our theme. We did find one and it had good info, but it would have been better to find more.

After this, we moved on to the Design Stage where we each made a design of our theme park. We then found the pros and cons for each design and created a final design/map.

I think we did well on taking good elements of each work and combining them into our final drawing. For example, Mark’s drawing had the lava fountain, and Lisa and Ayano’s drawing had good walls. We put these together (along with other aspects) to create our final map and it turned out well. I think I could’ve improved on was drawing a more detailed map. I didn’t know we were supposed to actually draw our attractions, so I think it could’ve been more detailed.

Next was the planning stage where we planned how to build our attraction, resources needed, description, etc. We then evaluated other people’s work

Somethings I think I did well on are the resource list and the tutorial. I did well on the resource list because I know what blocks I would use and it was detailed. However, there were some blocks in their I didn’t use. During class, I greatly improved my tutorial. It went from almost no detail, to very detailed. I think it was good because of how much detail I added. Something I think I could improve on is being organized about getting my work in right on time. When we were improving our tutorials, I had some printing issues so I turned it in 15 minutes late. If I was more organized, I would’ve already printed my work.

Finally, we reached the create stage. This is where the fun began. I think I focused well but I think I could have recorded my work better. In more detail, I was on task 98% of the time which was good because I didn’t waste lots of time. I think I could have recorded my work better because I didn’t know that we had to record our work so I had to write it all a week or two later from when I did it. I also could have included more visuals to show what I did.

In conclusion, this unit was really fun and it improved everyone’s collaboration skills a lot.

Tech – Fair Game: Evaluation

During this unit, we have created a theme park. We were put in groups of 4 (or in our case 5) and we were each given a theme. My group was given the theme “Zombie Apocalypse”. We each had to make one attraction each and I think we all did a really good job.

As you probably know from my previous reflections, in Tech, we follow a Design Cycle to complete our projects. The Design Cycle consists of 5 steps, Investigation, Design, Plan, Create, and Evaluate. This, as you can probably tell, is the Evaluate stage.

In the Investigation, we did a bunch of things. On the first day, we brainstormed a lot of things related to collaboration or group work. Some of the questions we thought about were: “Is there a difference between online and offline cooperation?  Why or why not?”, “How can we organize ourselves to solve problems collaboratively?”, and “Are there pros and cons to working alone and collaboratively?.” On the second class, we researched more about the actual application we were going to use to build our theme park, Minecraft. Some questions we researched were, “What is Minecraft?”, “What is Minecraft capable of?”, and “How do you play Minecraft?”.

Starting from the third lesson on, we were assessed on what we did. Something we did in the third lesson was brainstorming what would make our parks good. Somethings we came up with were: Maps everywhere, Lots of good types of rides, food and drink stops everywhere, nice workers, excitement in rides, performances, parades… etc., clean, trash cans everywhere, cheap,  good service. Looking back at this, I have realized that we did not put a lot of these things in our actual theme park. I think part of the reason is because you can’t really have things like, “good service, nice workers, and trash cans everywhere” in Minecraft. We do have a lot of excitement thought. 🙂 Another thing that was graded in our third lesson was the Design Brief. A Design Brief is basically like an advertisement with lots of information. I think ours turned out to be pretty good in the end,  but we had a problem because someone was confused and didn’t know it had to be emailed (instead of printed). I think this is something we could have improved on. We could have improved on this by someone sending an email to the group reminding them of the homework a couple days before it’s due. I tried to do this but I think it was too late.

In lesson 4 we looked at other theme parks that had our same theme. Ours was pretty difficult to find because we found out that there were not a lot of theme parks that were horror theme. In lesson 5 and 6 we created a Design Specification. In the Design Specification, we included things like what thing are essential to our theme park, what things do we want our theme park to have, and what things our theme park must not have. It also included how we can test we did or did not do these certain things. This was a big part of the Investigation and it would be really helpful if you filled out THIS survey. Here are some pictures of our theme park to help you fill out the survey. (Sorry I can’t put the pictures in the blog post. There are quite a few so it would make the post super big!)

The next step in the Design Cycle is the Design stage. In the Design stage, we only had 3 classes but we got a lot done. The first thing we did in the design cycle was really design our theme park. We had to find things like where the attractions would be (the map), the colors and blocks we were going to use for our attractions, features (what the actual attractions were), and more things like that. I think we followed those specifications pretty well. One thing we may not have been 100% accurate on was the map. Our original map and the finished product looked a bit different. The drawing of our map looked like this:

final map for tech theme park.jpg

In the end of our project, our Minecraft world looked like this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 8.30.36 PM






Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 8.30.12 PM






I’m not saying it was extremely different from the map, and it actually wasn’t that far off. But we kind of left out the borders and walls separating the attractions and the lava fountain was WAY bigger than it was supposed to be. The reason the lava fountain was huge was because we decided since we had so much space in the middle, we would make the lava fountain super big. Besides, some people had already started building a big outline. In the end, the lava fountain turned out to be AWESOME. I think it really made our side of the theme park better.

Something else we did in the Design stage of the Design Cycle was before we drew our final map. Before the final map, we each drew our own maps. They actually turned out to be kind of similar. With each map, we looked at the pros and cons for certain things. So for example, we had to say something like, “For theme, I think design 2 would be good because it has lots of little things that make the the area more scary and seem more like an apocalypse,” or, “For theme, I think design 2 would not be the best because it doesn’t really show what an apocalypse looks like.” We had to do this for 3 maps and 3 sections. In the end, we decided to combine all our maps together to make the final map.

For the Plan stage of the Design Cycle, we only had one class. In the class, we wrote a very detailed plan and description of our attraction. The things we had to include in our plan were; description, steps needed to take (to create the attraction), resources needed (what blocks I will use to create it), time needed, and due date. I think all of our plans were pretty description. Something I think I could have improved on was my original “steps needed to take” part. Since we got part of the class to improve it, I think I made some major improvements. But in my original part, I wasn’t super detailed because I didn’t know that other people were going to build it(in our case draw it) based on what I wrote. I think it would have came out like a maze, but I wasn’t super clear on how big it should be, what blocks I should use, and etc. I think that extra part of class we got to improve our plan was really helpful for me because I really improve my original work.

The Create stage of the Design Cycle was definitely the best. We got to make a theme park on Minecraft. It was really fun! I think in the beginning, I might have been a tiny bit off topic because it is Minecraft and it is technically a game, so it might have taken a few minutes to get me on track. 🙂 (Sorry Ms. Rude) But after that, I think I actually was pretty productive. I actually surprised myself. I thought I might not be able to survive the temptation of riding my pig around, but I actually succeeded. I worked on my maze a lot, and when I wasn’t working on it, I was either helping someone else in my group, or giving feedback to someone else in my group. Overall, I am pretty happy with how I worked in the Create stage.

One thing I think I could have improved on in the Create stage was me keeping a record of how much I had done each class. At first, I didn’t know we had to keep record of what we had done, so when I did find out, I had to remember things from the past to record what I had done. I ended up remembering them in the end, but I think it would have been more accurate or better if I had recorded what I did on the day I did it.

WHEFW. I bet that took a long time to read. Right now, if you have read this blog post, (which you probably haven’t unless your my teacher (Ms. Rude you can ignore this part) you can take a small stretch break. Go ahead. Get up. Stretch to the left. 1.2.3. Stretch to the right. 1.2.3. You can go do something for a while, and if you are still interested, then you can come back and read this rest. But I’m just telling you, it’s going to be better from here on out. Since there are so many words in this reflection, here are some pictures of my maze.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.59.31 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.48.25 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.46.06 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.45.59 PM





Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.45.48 PM





Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.45.37 PM






Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.45.27 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.45.14 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.45.03 PM





Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.44.47 PM






Ok. Now that you are back from your stretch and picture break, I will now tell you about the feedback we got from our peers and some other people and what we can do to improve our theme park. Some of the questions we asked in our survey were, “Does our theme park match our theme,”, “Is our theme park scary or spooky,”, “Do our attractions actually work,”, “Was our flooring unique from the other parks,”, “If our park was real, would you come,”, “Give us 2 things you liked about our park,”, and “Do you have any suggestions for what we can improve?” We have gotten 8 responses to these questions and would love to get more so please fill out the survey here.

Anyways, some of the feedback we got for these questions were pretty rewarding. For the first question, we got 5s and 4s from everybody. I think this is pretty good. One way I think we could improve this is by adding more monsters and by making a bunch of little things that are scary like signs saying, “BEWARE,” or “SAMUEL DIED HERE.” Maybe not the last one but you get the point.

For the second question, we some 4s and some 2s. I think the main reason we got a 2 from someone is because it is really hard to make things scary in Minecraft. When we asked the question, “Is our theme park scary or spooky,” we didn’t literally mean did you get so scared you ran home to your mom, we meant more like, “Is our theme parks scary or spooky for a Minecraft theme park,” or something along those lines. I think it would have helped to be more precise with that question and I think that is something we could improve on.

For the third question, we didn’t get many responses because only the people in our class can visit the theme park because the server is not open to the public. But most of the answers we received were either, “Yes, they all work,” or “Most of them work, but there might be a tiny flaw in one of them.” I think if we could improve on this, we could probably fix the tiny flaw,  however some people did not come across this flaw when they tested them out.

For the fourth question, everyone answered, “Yes, it is unique!” I really agree with them because I think the floor matches the theme and it is really different from other people’s floors because theirs were all grass. Here are some pictures of our floor:

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.31.54 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.31.46 PM







We decided to use the block Mycelium as a base and add some Podzol into it. I think something we could improve on with our flooring was making the Podzol less in a line. It was really hard to do, so we just sprinted around breaking one block and then later filling it in with Podzol. I think it would look a lot better if it was less like a line (where we put the podzol).

For the fifth question, we got pretty positive answers again. Most of the people would come to our theme park and our group was pretty happy to hear that. Something that we could do to get more people to come to our theme park would be doing things like mentioned in the paragraph about the first question, “Does our theme park match our theme,” (putting creepy signs, spawning more monsters, etc). Another way to encourage a lot of people to come to our park is to make sure that we made everything really good so when we send out the survey, we would get the best results (for example, the theme park matches the theme, the theme park has the perfect amount of scariness and spookiness, etc.

For the sixth question, we again received a lot of uplifting feedback. We got some compliments on our rides, saying things like, “I really like the maze,” or “The haunted house was really scary!” We also got comments about how we had good creativity and that the blocks we chose really matched our theme. These comments really made us feel good about our creations and for this question there wasn’t any negative feedback.

For the last question, we got good feedback on how we could improve our area. Most of the stuff has already been written down in the reflection but here they are anyway. One of the comments said we needed to add more monsters and maybe change the randomness of the podzol. I really agree with this person because if we did improve on this, it would make our theme park a whole lot scarier and better. Another person said something a bit similar to the adding monsters one. This person said we could add little things that could make the theme park scarier. This was also mentioned before as well as a solution (putting scary signs up,  spawning more monsters, etc). Those were really the two main constructive comments we received from that question and I agree with both of them.

In conclusion, (finally) I think the things I were to change if I did my part of the theme park again, was to put little scary signs in places, add more zombies, make the Podzol flooring less random, and follow the original map a bit more. Overall I have really enjoyed this unit and am proud of our team for what they have accomplished. The things we could improve on in the actual theme park park (the Create part) were pretty easy to change things and would improve our theme park greatly, so I am pretty happy about that. I think we are all proud of each other for creating a super cool theme park and I am proud of you for reading this WHOLE blog post. So congratulations to 7b for creating an AWESOME theme park and to you for reading all the way through this blog post (unless you skipped to the end 😉 )!

P.S. Sorry for having so many words and not so many pictures!

Make your mark (line drawing) Reflection

During this unit, we have been working on a line drawing. A line drawing is a drawing with only lines (hence the name). An aspect of line drawing that is challenging is that there are no outlines. This is hard because if you want to close a shape you have to either fade it or make the lines very close so it looks like one line even though it is a bunch of lines. Another thing that made this project different from an ordinary picture is that we had to do it in black and white (using a permanent marker) to emphasize the gradation. We each did a line drawing, here is mine.



The first thing we did in this project was look at a bunch of lines and see how we could show gradation with them. Shortly after that, we looked at how they could be used to create different objects instead of using outlines. We had to draw 7 things with our knowledge of the lines. Some examples of the 7 shapes we had to draw were ocean waves, rain, clouds, and more. Here is my drawing of these things.



At this time I didn’t really understand how to make a realistic line drawing. I think part of the reason is that I didn’t know any good line techniques. That is why the next part of our project (learning line techniques) helped me so much. We were given  a sheet of paper that had a lot of line techniques on it. Here is what the sheet of paper looked like.

line techniques


This paper helped me a lot because it taught me many line techniques that helped me create different textures in my final piece. In the end, I was happy because  the techniques I used made my drawing more interesting.

The next thing we did was look at other artist’s work like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Dürer. We picked two artworks by two of the artists and compared them. Here is what I wrote.

photo 1

photo 3photo 2By doing this, I learned more about line drawings and was able to start planning my actual piece.

The first step in planning was picking your picture and seeing what type of lines you would use and where you would use them. We each did three or more plans of our drawing. We also did practices of the lines we were going to use in our drawing. By this time, I had practiced gradation with lines a lot and understood how it was done.

IMG_2381IMG_2385 IMG_2382IMG_2384

























While drawing my actual piece, I got better at gradation. There were some parts of my drawing where I made mistakes, and there were some parts of my drawing I was really proud of. In the end, I stepped away from my picture and was proud. I think once I was done, I had really improved from the beginning. Right now, as I am writing this, I am looking back and forth from my finished product and the first practice of the 7 shapes. I see that I have really improved and I am happy that I did.

I think I did way better than the last project in art. In this project, I had much better time management and much better planning. I was able to complete this project on time with no problem and my planning was pretty helpful. I also think I did good on using different lines in my drawing but something I think I could improve on was making objects (mainly rocks) more clear and visible. I think this because at some parts the rocks blend together even though they are not supposed to. I think I could change this by practicing drawing that area a lot and seeing if it easily stood out.

Overall, I think I have really improved on line drawings over this unit and I am proud of my final product. Some things I have improved on in more detail are gradation, texture, and value. I was not very good at gradation in the beginning of this unit, but as I continued to practice, I got better. Gradation helped me get better at texture, and value. This is because with gradation I can give objects more texture and use value more wisely.

Pe Dance Feedback

In PE, a while ago we did a dance and we danced to the song Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Here is what I though of my friend (Mark) and I’s dance.

Something I think I did well on was energy. I tried to be energetic and when I watch the video of our dance I think it really shows how energetic I was. While I was doing the dance I thought it would turn out bad but when I watch it on video, it looks better than I thought. We had high energy, and mostly timing. There were some parts where my partner and I were out of sync, but we came back together pretty quickly. Another thing I think my partner and I did well was not look at each other. We did not look at each other a lot at all and when we did, it was for a split second.

Something I think I can improve on is more complex moves. We tried to make some complex moves but as I watched the video and read the feedback I realized that most of the moves where we tried to use space was moving forward and backwards. I didn’t realize this at the time and if I had, the dance would probably have been better. Another thing I could have done better was also mentioned in the feedback, and that was detail. As stated in the feedback, there were times where we could have added more detail and performed it better. I think lots of our movements were mainly big movements and we didn’t add that many small things. This is most likely why we weren’t the best at small movements.

One last thing that was also mentioned in the feedback but isn’t really a good thing or something I could improve on, was that I was wearing a baggy sweatshirt. (Don’t worry, this has a point). Because my sweatshirt was baggy, it hid some of the details in the dance. I think if I took off the sweatshirt, the details would have been more visible.

Here is the dance video:
P.S. I am sorry but I cannot share the feedback I talk about.

My Journey through Apartheid

The era of apartheid was one of the most devastating times to live in during South Africa’s history. This is where my journey began.

My journey through apartheid began with Ms. Cox showing the class a few saddening pictures taken during apartheid in South Africa. These pictures were of the conditions of white people in South Africa compared to the conditions of black people in South Africa. The pictures showed how unfair the separation was during apartheid. She did not explain the photos, so little did I know, these pictures were my first step into a journey of unfair pain.

Apartheid was a time when colored people around the world were treated unfairly by non-colored people, or whites. The white people thought that the colored people were lower. In my opinion and millions of others, this was a horrible system.

The second step in my journey through apartheid was research. We got into groups and researched what apartheid was. During this time, we all began to realize the horror of Segregation.

After researching apartheid, we had to choose one of four  topics to research more deeply. The four topics were: South African colonial history, Nelson Mandela and the effect he had on apartheid, The Soweto Uprising, and how bad apartheid actually was. In the end, my group chose The Soweto Uprising.

We researched The Soweto Uprising and filled out this document. After filling out this document, we split up. Our new task was to create a magazine article about our chosen topic. We had to use the information we researched to create the article. Here is my article.

After winter break, we watched the movie Invictus. The movie was about Nelson Mandela and the South African Rugby team, The Springboks. The movie showed that mainly white people played rugby and black people played soccer. Something I found interesting is that whenever there was a rugby game that had the Springboks in it, the South Africans would cheer for the other team. I did some research and found the reason for this is because in the minds of those treated unfairly in South Africa, the Springboks represent apartheid and prejudice.

The next step in my journey was reading the book, Journey to Jo’burgThis book is about two children who travel a long way to find their mother in Johannesburg because their little sister is dying. Not only did they have to go through a physical journey, they also had to go through a mental journey. They learned a lot about apartheid through their mental journey, just like I did.

After finishing the book, we wrote a short story as a character in the book who participated in the Soweto Uprising. The tricky part about writing this task was writing it in first person. This task made us think more about what the Soweto Uprising was actually about. I began to realize how horrible and painful it would be to witness this uprising.

My next step, or jump, because it was so big, in my journey through apartheid was talking to someone who lived in South Africa during apartheid.  He came to our school and we asked him questions about apartheid. The man we talked to was not just living there during apartheid, he was conscripted into the army. This means that he was forced to join the army. Can you imagine being conscripted into the army, fighting for something that you think is wrong? This is basically what happened to our guest. He talked about how he was a patrol officer and how he was hit with rocks almost everyday at uprisings.


(Search engine: CC search: Google Images)

Ban of Black Beauty book smaller

(Search engine: CC search: Google Images)

While I was flying through the air, in the middle of my jump, I learned a lot of things. Something I learned is that the government lied to white South Africans. They told the white people that Nelson Mandela was a horrible person; a criminal, a murder, and much more. How would you like it if the government was telling the whole world that you were a criminal when you were really trying to help the world? Another thing I learned is that the South African government was very strict about what was or what was not allowed. For example, a book called Black Beauty was banned just because of the title. I have not actually read this book, but I know it is about HORSES. In the mind of the South African government,  nothing black could be beautiful. This, of course, is not true at all.

This blog post is the final step in my journey until we cross the finish line and end this unit. During my journey, I have learned a lot about apartheid. I have learned that the Soweto Uprising caused a lot more uprisings, and that there were even uprisings purely made up of white people. I have also learned that the Soweto Uprising caused many people from all over the world to realize how wrong apartheid was. One of the most unfair things I have learned is that Nelson Mandela was a huge part of what ended apartheid and that he was known to whites as a horrible person. This is unfair because he was an amazing person who did great things but people were told he was a criminal.

This journey relates to our unit question, “What are the relationships between texts and the real world,” in some ways. The clearest way our unit question connected to what we did in class was when we read Journey to Jo’burg and when we watched Invictus. These activities connect clearly to our unit question because both the book and the movie were fiction stories, but they were based on true stories and had lots of factual and historic information about apartheid.

In conclusion, this journey has been a long one, with lots of information that has had a very powerful effect on the world. I have learned a lot, and I have never thought about prejudice and apartheid so deeply before. Apartheid, in my opinion, is one of the worst forms of prejudice there is. In other words, there is nothing more unfair than being treated brutally because of the color of your skin.



Research about why some South Africans cheered against The Sprinboks

Black Beauty Book Cover Picture

No Sign Picture

I Want YOU Picture

Township in South Africa

Miami beats Warriors because of buzzer by LeBron!

Yes! Miami beat the Warriors! The score was 111-110 Miami.

On Wednesday February 12, 2014, in Oakland California.

Points Scored:hpg1314-james04-gsw-140212

First quarter:



Second quarter:



Third quarter:



Fourth quarter:



Total: Miami- 111 Warriors-110

Here is the link to the game highlights:

Highlights of the game




Game Statistics:


Points- 36 – LeBron James

Rebounds- 13 – LeBron James

Assist- 9 – LeBron James

Overall rebounds: 35

Overall assists: 25

Field goal percent: 54%

Free throw percent: 68%hpg1314-bosh02-gsw-140212

3 point percent: 46%


Points- 29 – S. Curry

Rebounds- 11 – D. Lee

Assist- 7 – S. Curry

Overall rebounds: 43

Overall assists: 22

Field goal percent: 48%

Free throw percent: 81%

3 point percent: 56%

Here is the website I got the info if you want to find more information.

Also there is a ton more info on this game at this website.

I am not sure this is right, but this game was quite interesting because the only time-out called was by Miami. It was a full time-out.

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Hello and Sorry

Hello guys and I am sorry for not posting many things on my blog. Remember those basketball updates? Well I’m going to start doing them again. But this time, I am only going to do some. So I am sorry if I miss a good game. In a minute, I am going to write and publish the Heat vs Warriors game because of the winning fadeaway by LeBron. THAT WAS AWESOME! If you have not seen it, you should definitely see it here. The shot is between :30 and 1:05.