Poseidon and Ares

Greek mythology has always fascinated me.

The mythology is my favorite type of story. In 4th grade, the whole grade did a play on Greek mythology. I was Phaethon, a demigod.  Some of my favorite Greek Gods are Poseidon and Ares and these are the Gods this blog post is about.

Poseidon is the Greek name for the God of the ocean and water. His Roman name is Neptune. Poseidon was born from two titans named Kronos and Rhea. Poseidon has two brothers and three sisters. They are Zeus, God of the sky and thunder, Hera, Goddess of women and marriage, Demeter, Goddess of agriculture, Hades, God of death and the Underworld, and Hestia, Goddess of the hearth. Poseidon, one of his brothers (not Zeus) and all of his sisters were swallowed when they were born by Kronos because a prophecy told Kronos that one of his sons was going to overthrow him. He did end up throwing up Poseidon and his siblings, but they were grown up when he did so. So Poseidon grew up in his father’s stomach. Poseidon’s two well known symbols are his trident, and the horse. His trident was made for him by cyclops (I believe they are his children) for the war of Titans vs Gods. Poseidon is found on Mount Olympus.







Ares is the Greek name for the God of war. His Roman name is Mars. Ares is the child of Hera. He doesn’t really have a father because Hera took an herb and had Ares alone. Ares had 4 full siblings. Three minor Goddesses and one brother, Hephaestus, God of blacksmith and fire. It is said that Ares had a bad childhood. One of the reasons he had a bad childhood was because he was trapped in a bronze jar for several years by giants. He eventually did get out when the giants mother told Hermes to go save him.Some of Ares’ symbols are a burning torch, a spear, and dogs. Ares, like Poseidon, has a seat on Mount Olympus.

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