Field Studies ( Canoeing )

In Field Studies we did Canoeing. We had to go in the canoe and be in a group around 2 to 3 people and we canoed to a small Island. We relaxed at the small island and then canoed back to where we were staying.I think I was a communicator because everybody had to communicate with each other and tell each other about where to go and follow the teachers so I had to talk with my group so thats why I was a communicator in canoeing. When my group went to the island we were good and we not at the very end but coming back we were last but that doesn’t matter. I think we were last because we had not much strength but going there we had strength. I was in a group with Mark, Arief and I. I think we did very well with canoeing. I was at the front and Arief was in the middle and Mark was at the back. I think over all Mark did the most work because he had make the boat turn left and right and had to do a very a move. I only had to the right side and maybe a little bit of the left. Arief did the same as me.







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