Field Studies ( Rock Climbing)

In Rock climbing we did three different kinds of rock climbing activities. There was a easy one , medium one and a hard. I tried every one. I completed the easy one and I completed only half of the medium one and I attempted the third one but I couldn’t do it. I think it was too hard for me. I think I was a risk-taker because I tried different kinds of activities even when I was a little bit scared and I took the risk of doing all of the rock climbing tasks. I would like to rock climbing again at the same place because it has challenging activities and easy ones which I think are good because then people can try different kinds of things.




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  1. I love rock climbing Charlie. Do you remember the walk we did in Mt Martha that meant we had to do some rock climbing at the bottom of the cliff at Mt Martha?
    Glad you had a go and I hope you get to do it again. There is a great indoor rock climbing place in Melbourne – I remember seeing it from the tram, maybe we could try that next time we’re in Melbourne together.

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