Field Studies ( Hot Air Ballooning!!)

In Field studies we did Hot Air ballooning. It was very good. I think I was a open-mined because lots of people was scared of hight and understood about there feelings. I didn’t laugh at them at all. I think I was a bit scared of hight as well. So I could not make fun of the people. We went about around 50 meters in the hot air ballooning. I think that is very high. I would like to do hot air ballooning. There was a big line for people who wanted to to hot air ballooning. Some people could not do it because the line was maybe to long. I don’t know.  The Hot Air Ballooning was huge. I took lots of photos of the Hot Air Ballooning. 

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  1. Hi is your last name WOOD? That is my last name which i think is awesome. You sound like you had lots of fun in your Field-Studies class and i get a little scared when i look down when i am up high in the sky and i look down because i think about “What if i fall”… Did you enjoy tour Field Studies Class?

  2. Hi Charlie, How wonderful that you got to experience hot air ballooning? I’ve never done that before and I would love to! How long were you up in the balloon for?

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