Technology Reflection

I am writing this post because I am writing this reflection of what we have been working on in class over 2 weeks. These are the questions of what I am going to answering.  Why have we done these things? Why did you choose this blog theme? How does it represent you? and Is there anything else you need to learn to be able to grow your blog? What did you like (Why?)

We have done these things because then we can learn more about blogs and how there like. I think I have learned a lot from Technology class. I think I learned a lot from the design because then I got to draw what I wanted my blog to be like in the future. I would like to do that again.

I chose this blog theme because it represents me because it has colours that I like. I like the colour blue and on my blog it has the colour blog a lot. Also my blog is basic and it does not have fancy pictures and it is normal. I would like to keep it normal and basic. I think lots of people might like basic blogs.

My How to Grow a Blog helped me develop my blog but I think I would like to learn is to not put lots of Tags because I can use my braining and ask other people like Teachers and friends, parents and more. I f I put too many than it will be hard. I would rather ask other people. I think that will help me more with learning about blogs.

The most favourite part of Technology was the design because I learned a lot of how I would like my blog to look in the future. I like drawing so that was another part of why I liked the drawing activity. I would like to do it again. I think I did very well in drawing how I would like my blog to look because I add lots of colour and made in organised because I had good Categories and more.









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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed this part of the project, Charlie! I’m wondering why you want to learn *not* to put too many tags? I haven’t seen you add any tags to your posts, so why are you worried about this?

  2. Hi Charlie im Charlie too. I like your tech reflection Charlie. It is really cool. Blue is a cool color ,but I like pink though. The book holes is a good book. I live in Hawaii and go to Le Jardin Acdemy. i Like skatin your cool pie

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