Unit 1 Music Reflection!!

In Music we have done a solo performance. I did the Drum. I think I did very well with the performance. I had lots of rhythm in my performance. I didn’t practice a lot. But I have lots of Rhythm in my head thats why I didn’t need much practice. I just make a Rhythm and then I can make a solo with that Rhythm. I need to improve by┬ámaybe I need to make the performance a bit better but over all I think I did well. I could become skilled by thinking of new Rhythm in my head. I can become a Musician by Practicing a lot and become a lover at Rhythm. I would like to be like John Bonham. He has lots of Rhythm like me.

My favourite Bands are Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Nirvana. All of these bands have Drums. I think Drums are very important and you need them in Rock bands. Or Jazz and sometimes in classic. I love Rhythm!!!! I don’t have a Drum set at my house but I would like one. But still if I don’t have one I would like to continue the drums.

Here is my Drum solo.


My Drum solo



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