The Great Reflection of English! (Holes)

In English class we have been reading the book Holes. I think the book Holes is a very good book because it has very great words and it makes you want to read more. I liked learning about the new words we learned. There were some very complex words in the book. I think Louis Sachar is a very good writer because I like Holes very much. Some of the hard words that was found in the book Holes was Delirious. I think this word came up lots of times in the book.

This story is about a boy called Stanley Yelnats. He has stollen some pair of shoes. He is sent to a place called camp green lake. He makes friends with a boy named Zero. Zero runs away. Stanley goes to find him. Together they try to climb what they call Gods Thumb to find Treasure that Stanley’s Great great Grandfather had when he got robbed by KISS’N KATE BARLOW!!!

If you want to know more. Please Read the BOOK!!!!

Our Task!!

Our group was scene Survival 2.

Organisation- our group was Organised because we were prepared for our presentation and we added what we were supposed to do.

We looked at these Techniques: The music.

We used these Comparison Words: We used however and also.

I could improve by maybe describing more detail when I talk. Make slide longer.

Here is our Presentation we shared in Class.

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