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We are now doing our Last REFLECTION!!!!. I think Technology is very fun and we have been doing cool things. I learn lots of things. I liked the design part and all of the things we have been learning about blogs. I like all of the units we have done. I would like to learn more about the history of Technology when I am older.


I am happy with my blog design theme because it is simple and it doesn’t have much colours. If it had too many colours than I think it will hurt peoples eyes. I want to make my blog look normal and simple. But it does have colours like Blue and black and more. I am quiet impressed with my blog and I think it is good. I have Achieved something but I could maybe add more colour on my blog because it is a little bit bland. Here is a link of my About Me Page.


I am proud of the title because it stands out
a lot and you can see it easily. Also my header image is very good and if people see the picture they might think it is good. My Header image is Led Zeppelin which captures peoples attention a lot. Also the colour might appeal to other people. I think lots of people like blue and the people might think it is a good blog because they like the colour.

In Conclusion I have really enjoyed learning about blogs and I hope I can do the same unit again because I liked it a lot. I hope lots of people look at my blog and will enjoy it a lot. I am looking forward to the next unit we will have because I can guess it will be very good and I can guess it will be very fun because the unit we just had was Brilliant!!!

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  1. Great job Charlie! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this part of the project and that you’re proud of the work you’ve done! It was great reading all about you on your About Me page!

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