Drama Mime reflection

Our Mime performance was about Two passengers go on a plane and they start to fight, the flight attendant gets sick. I think our performance went well and I think we all did a good job. 

How successful was my staging of the mime scene?

At the beginning of our performance when I collected the tickets you couldn’t really see me so I should of moved to the right more so then the camera could see me.


How did I use the space?

As I said at the beginning I could of used more space. When I was serving the food and drinks I think I used space really well. When I was acting sick in the performance I could of used more space for that as well.


How did I interact with other characters?

I think I interacted with the characters because I was getting angry with the passengers I was interacting and getting involved.

How was the mime believable?

I think the mime in believable and true because there is such thing called a plane and it could be possible of getting sick on a plane and also passengers arguing.

Here is the video of our performance. Please enjoy!!


7C Drama: Group Mime (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

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